Dehydrator Templates

Dec 15

When I make raw crackers, I just spread sheets of flax, veggies or whatever raw dough I’m using, out over the entire teflex sheet. I put them in the dehydrator and when they are completely dry, I take them out, break them apart and I have all different shapes and sizes. They’re usually not the prettiest crackers, but scoring them before they dry can be messy and time consuming.

Then Brenda from Rawsome Creations popped up on my radar! I started looking through her site and saw that she had templates for crackers, cookies, wraps, etc…

I wanted to be able to make some consistent shapes and sizes for some parties and events I was having. So after receiving all 4 of the templates I started prepping and I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!!

You can watch a video (scroll down her page) of Brenda using them and also visit her site to order the templates .

Makes your raw food prep super easy!

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