Alissa's Before & Afters

I want you all to see why I consider this diet to be the fountain of youth!



Iím only 5'3" and I was bodybuilding at this time but then put on about 10-15 pounds so I looked very stocky. I struggled with this weight gain for many years, losing and gaining, losing and gaining.

I think at one point I was 20 pounds overweight. I remember being depressed and frustrated, because I was very much into working out ... I was vegetarian at the time also and thought I was eating well!

Another picture from the same time period.

I remember feeling miserable that I couldn't fit into my clothes. Believe it or not I was still a workout fiend!

This is me rediscovering raw food. I look and feel better but I was going off and on for a while until I made the commitment to do 100% raw.

After a year on raw foods. This picture was taken after I went for a run.

Finally! Me 100% raw for a couple of years. As you can see I am not emaciated or lacking in protein. (I like showing this picture when people tell me you cant get enough protein on this diet!)

This is me at one of my seminars. About 4 years raw!

SO... to recap, letís take a look at these before's and after's side by side: