Beyond Health

Location: Boston, MA
Date: May 13th 2017

Discover your compelling vision, learn how to follow your bliss, listen to the call of spirit, and understand how to create the life that you truly want and dream of!

Working with the group energy, as well as one-on-one with people within the group, I’ll help you to clear the blocks that are stopping you from living your most abundant life!

Through experiential exercises, lectures and demonstrations,
you will awaken your true potential and have the tools to create an extraordinary life on every level!  

This event will help you:
  • Assess what your individual body, mind and spirit need
  • Find your true calling
  • Get in touch with your inner guidance system
  • Move beyond limiting beliefs
  • Break through doubts and fears
  • Focus on your individual strengths
  • Love yourself and feel truly connected to the core of who you are!
 Some of what you will learn:
  • The actual steps to create the life that you desire
  • How to tap into the “bliss state” to activate monumental healing on every level
  • How to connect to that wave of abundance that surrounds you
  • How to access your souls purpose
  • How to connect with your future self to create change now
  • How to use your unique talents to be successful in every area of your life

Wherever you are on your path, this event is for you!
Whether you are totally new to all of this, or you’re a seasoned creator,
you will learn new tools to consciously create success in every area of your life! 

Whether you’re searching for that next level of success, your next step in self–actualization, complete inner peace, freedom, inspiration, motivation, renewed passion, vibrant health or greater abundance; this event will help you to get intimate with your true emotions, your desires and your choices and tap into the most radiantly alive YOU!

You will leave this event knowing the steps to take and having a plan in place to create the reality that you truly desire!

“Alissa is like a combination of Tony Robbins, Jack lalanne and the long Island Medium rolled into one.
She has this amazing ability to see what’s holding you back, shift your reality and get you to create a bigger, brighter future!”


Saturday May 13th: 8:30am-5:30pm

This event is being held in a beautiful, historic building in Boston’s South End and is within walking distance to numerous hotels, restaurants, cafes and art galleries. It is close to the T Station and a 10 minute walk to the Prudential building.

It is also a short ride from the airport so there is no need to rent a car
if you are flying in to Boston Logan Airport.

When you arrive in the morning, you will be served a high vibrational elixir to get your cells humming and your brain turned on! Followed by a chia super-food pudding and a light lunch. These high vibrational foods not only improve your energy levels and physical body but they also help raise your awareness and consciousness!

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This event changed my life. The energy in the room, the amazing people and all of the information shared, made it well worth it. But when Alissa spoke to me directly, she intuitively focused in on what has kept me from doing what I have really wanted to do for years. Although I have been successful in many areas of my life, it has never been in the field which has been my true calling and passion. I never thought I could make a living doing what I loved. She helped me to get to the core of those feelings, shift them, and hone in on what my compelling vision really is. It happened so quickly and was very profound. I really didn’t know if it would have lasting results, but a few months after the event, I started my own business and now, 2 years later, I am more successful than I’ve ever been, doing what I love!

Samantha M.


This was the such an amazing, fun, exciting, life-changing day! If you don’t know what your compelling vision is, Alissa will help you find it. If you do know what it is, but you don’t know how to make it happen, Alissa will teach you how! I was able to access that part of me that I had actually blocked out, those inner wishes, desires and wants. Now, I feel so excited that I can actually use my passion and gifts to live my life purpose! I feel like I have the steps to go forward and the know-how to make this happen.

Sara M.


I’m still on a high from this event! I got more out of the short, direct interaction with Alissa then I have ever experienced in any kind of class, program or therapy session. It’s hard to explain what happened. From what I saw with others and experienced myself, she intuitively tunes in to what your life purpose is and what your issues are, but she doesn’t share her own thoughts or feelings about it or tell you what you “should” do. Instead, she leads you down the road to your own inner wisdom and guides you to see and feel it for yourself. It’s amazing how she knows exactly what questions to ask and how to get to the heart of the matter within minutes. This event is a game changer in every way for every aspect of your life.

Janice P.