Raw Nutmeg Nuggets

If you have Living on Live Food, then you know my love of simple, easy, raw food recipes. I’ve been whipping up these little nuggets for an after dinner treat. [...]

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Watermelon Soup

The perfect time of year for my favorite soup. I’ve fasted on this and I could probably live on this stuff... It’s that good! Watermelon is great for alleviating depression, [...]

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My cilantro cooks interview

Check out my interview with There are some recipes there as well; chia pudding , mock salmon, ravioli and date nut torte! [...]

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I just bought some amazing figs. If you can find fresh ones, which are abundant right now, make sure you scoop them up and savor their incredible flavor. You can [...]

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Carrot Pecan Burgers

Ive been making this recipe for years and it's one of my favorites. It never gets old because you can alter the condiments you use with them and the way [...]

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Lavender is a great addition to your oil collection because it has tons of uses. I was with a friend a few weeks ago at her house. She turned on [...]

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