Green Energy Soup

Aug 03

This is an old recipe that Ann Wigmore recommended for acute illness and for revitalizing your body. I make it because it’s a great way to get in my greens without all the extra fruit and sugars of a smoothie.

This soup can be adjusted according to your taste buds and what you have on hand. There are a million combinations so just use the below ingredients as a guide. Most important is to use greens, sprouts and seaweed for its minerals and trace minerals.

Blend in your Vitamix or blender:

4 cups of greens. I use Swiss chard, kale, collards and sometimes dandelion but the dandelion will make it more bitter.

4 cups of sprouts. I use sunflower greens mostly. Pea sprouts, mung bean or any other combination works well also

Half of a red bell pepper or an apple for more sweetness.

Half to one avocado for its mono-unsaturated fat which also helps to digest the greens and for absorption.

1/4 cup seaweed. I use a huge handful of dulse on top, as pictured. I like it better then blended and it adds a sweetness and some texture.

Ann Wigmore used home-made Rejuvelac instead of water but if you don’t have any made, just use water as needed. I normally don’t even add any liquid and just let my Vitamix blend this into a thick soup with the help of the Vitamix plunger but you may need to add a little to allow it to blend to a smooth consistency.

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