Mar 07

Lavender is a great addition to your oil collection because it has tons of uses.

I was with a friend a few weeks ago at her house. She turned on the stove to make us tea and as we were talking and getting lost in conversation, she forgot that the burner was hot, and leaned right onto it.

Her entire hand was burned as she placed it directly on the smooth stove top. It was a serious burn and she was visibly in pain; instead of ice I grabbed my lavender oil.

All I had to do was apply a few drops to her burned palm and not only did the burn never blister, her pain was relieved within a few minutes.

This is one of many times I’ve used lavender oil topically for different kinds of burns.

If you don’t often get the conventional type of burn, everyone knows the tight, dry, burning feeling of bad sunburns. Ever since I was a kid I’d get bad sunburns on my face because Id be laying out for too long. I still occasionally do that to myself and when that happens now, I apply lavender oil to my face and the pain and irritation to my skin is gone The best part is the burns never peel or blister.

This oil has also been known for its spiritual properties for thousands of years. This oil is great for creating positive energies in your space and is known to calm and relieve anxiety.

lavender is a tried and trusted way to make your life a little less stressful. Diffuse lavender in your home or office to relieve stress and anxiety, or in the bedroom to get a better nights rest. Lavender’s calming scent and sedative properties also make it a great natural remedy for headaches, migraines, nervous tension, and depression.

Lavender is also a great bug repellant and disinfectant.

Lavender is a great oil to have on hand because of its versatility. It’s a staple in any essential oil collection.

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