What you can expect from an Intuitive Healing Session

An intuitive healing session normally begins with a conversation about what is happening in your life and what your intent is with this session.

Although most of this work will be done on the energetic field of your body without actually touching you,
we may also work physically on pressure points, energy centers and different areas of malady.

During an Intuitive Healing session, I “see, here and feel” information for you about what it is that you may need
in order to live your best possible life in every way.

 I may also give you tools and techniques that you can use to strengthen your own intuition, receive clearer insights and open the lines of communication to your inner guidance.

Whether you are looking for answers about your soul’s purpose, life guidance, or specific physical or emotional healing,
my goal with these sessions is to access the answers directly from your own personal guides and highest sources
and to connect you more deeply to your true self.

Although people do choose to have sessions on an ongoing basis, whether to work with specific issues, life coaching and for continued support as well as physical and emotional balance, one session is often all that is required to radically shift the energy of an issue,
gain clarity and begin the healing.

How to best prepare for a session:

There is not a whole lot you need to do beforehand to prepare, but these few things will help you to receive your best session. Drink plenty of water both before and after the session. It’s fine to eat a few hours before the session or something light if you need  before we begin, just refrain from eating a heavy meal right before the session. If we are doing a Skype session, try to create a calm and quiet space. For example, turn off your computer, phones, tell your family that you’ll be unavailable for the next hour,  etc.
You want to be able to focus and receive the information your spirit has for you
and be in a relaxed enough space for the healing and clearing that is available to you.

The sessions are one hour in length and the fee is $135.00 per session. Sessions are available over Skype or in my healing space in Gloucester, MA. I accept cash or credit card. 

 To schedule an appointment, please email me at Alissa@alissacohen.com or call 978-985-7217.