Come to the little pink house and awaken your senses.

Location: 11 Bond St. Gloucester, MA.

Please call or text (978-985-7217) if you’d like to stop by to browse the LPH. You can also shop the Little Pink House Online 

Sip on some burdock root shilajit latte and revel in sumptuous herbal infused chocolates that will transport you into an elated state of bliss. Indulge your body, mind and spirit with restorative elixirs and therapeutic remedies while exploring an array of feel good products.

Working with natures natural elements, herbs, oils, hydrosols, crystals, and medicinal foods, the LPH Apothecary uses only 100% natural, organic, raw, vegan, un-refined, cold-pressed, plant based ingredients with no chemical additives.

Everything is infused with a bit of magic.


The Little Pink House Apothecary Parties

Experience a cozy, apothecary setting with an other worldly, magical vibe!
Medicinal chocolates, herbal tisanes, restorative elixirs and therapeutic remedies. 

Spring dates coming soon!