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No More Raw Food Products

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

As many of you have already realized, I have changed up my site a bit. I was meaning to post this before it happened as so many of you are writing and asking where our food and supplement section went and why I took all of these products off my site.

I will just be selling my book and DVDs along with some new products down the road such as my skin care.

There are many reasons why I’ve decided to take the food and other items off of my site. One reason is because you can now find these items mostly anywhere. When I first started carrying these items online it was because you could not buy them anywhere. There are also a ton of sites now that carry these same items and some of them are at below cost.  I did not want to be selling items at a higher cost if people could find them cheaper.

The biggest reason is that it is time for a change! My second restaurant is taking up loads of my time and I’m in the process of writing another book.  I felt like the internet business, along with our shipping department and everything that comes along with that, distributors, UPS, etc…has been a huge burden on me and not fun anymore.

I appreciate all of you who have supported my store by buying your products from me. I always tried to carry the highest quality products but that too has become more difficult with more and more companies producing less then ideal raw food items.

I also feel a pull to get back to promoting what I believe is true superfoods  (like sprouts and living foods) and not so much all of the processed powders and so called “superfoods” that are becoming so prominent on all of the sites and all through the internet now. I think they are fine in moderation but it has become a bit overdone with some of the more well-known raw food leaders.

I’m moving in the direction of my dreams which is what I teach and why I eat raw food. Being stagnant is never a good thing and I’ve had the internet store for many many years now.

With 2 thriving restaurants and a new book coming out, I’m excited for the next step.

I look forward to sharing with you all the new adventures that pop up and I will keep you posted on the new book. It will be released from Penguin books in the fall of 2010.