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Raw ‘time’

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I’m addicted to the raw “Fried Calamari” at Grezzo. Seriously addicted. I’ve headed to Newburyport 3 days in a row just to eat it. It’s made from king oyster mushrooms. It’s in the new book that will be out in October ;)

This is just an update on life as I sit here drinking this gross smoothie that I just made – cucumber juice, blueberries, banana and about a cup of sesame seeds. I’m able to drink anything if it’s good for me though!

So I’ve decided to take dance lessons. They start this week. I’m super excited!! I LOVE to dance and it’s been too long. I’ve decided this year to do everything that I’ve always wanted but haven’t been able to find the time in the last 7 years. I’m also apprenticing with a woman learning metalsmithing, something I’ve always had the desire to do. She is an incredible teacher, been doing this for over 30 years. I feel very fortunate to be working with her. I’m thinking about going to Italy this summer to study with someone there for a couple of weeks also. Making my sculptures again and just being more creative. I guess there are a few reasons that I’m taking this direction now.

One reason is that I’ve been so busy over the last 7-10 years that I started to forget who I was and what I loved to do. What brought me joy and was fun to me. In Living on Live Food, I talk about how you have to have balance and fun in your life and finding out what fun means… to you. I talk about how ‘fun’ changes as you grow and age and your idea of fun should change also.

I needed to rethink what it meant to me to be a whole, complete person. As much as I love raw food and this lifestyle, it’s not solely who I am. I am much more then what I eat. Actually, life … and eating raw… is more difficult when that’s your only focus.

I love, more than anything, living raw and teaching it to others. The emails that I get everyday about how people are healing themselves and changing their lives just blow me away. It inspires me to continue to teach and help as many people as possible with raw food. But, I’ve realized that when this is my sole focus and I’m at the computer working 16 hours a day or stuck in my restaurants or teaching and it’s all about raw food ALL the time, it’s never good.

Now that I have a bit more free time and I’m using that time to be more creative, get outside, have fun with friends, create art,  I notice that when I get back to working within the raw food, I’m so much more productive and inspired, not burnt out. I feel like I have more energy and enthusiasm about the raw work I’m doing because the other things that I’m doing in my life are inspiring me and giving me joy. I notice that when I’m away from the raw work, I start to miss it and want to talk about it again and write and educate.

I also do have some free time right now which feels good. Odd, but good! It’s taken some time for me to begin to step away from the ‘empire of raw food’ that I’ve created. It’s a strange feeling  to feel that there is an abundance of time in your life for play when you’re used to filling every moment with work. It’s an odd adjustment that takes time to let go of the workaholic attitude. I’m liking this new feeling. I’m actually a little scared that I’ll be back on the fast track once the new book comes out, but for now… I’m soaking this up.

My life is still crazy at times, restaurants and books, etc…but it’s nice to be able to breath. Oh, the most exciting news… I found a dog nanny! Yeah! She is perfect. It’s going to be a great feeling not to worry about my boys while I travel.

Just another step toward the abundant flow of free time and raw freedom.

Rain and Raw Desserts….

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Wow, kind of hit a wall late last night.

I’ve been on kind of a high since shooting the cover of my new book a week and a half ago. That coupled with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I’ve been out and about and not stopping for a minute. Went into Boston last night to check on Grezzo and started getting very sleepy on the way home. It’s been so incredibly busy in the Boston location. We’ve had to hire more staff so I went in to meet the newbie’s who are training.

Dennis has been crazy busy dealing with our properties after the storms we’ve had. He’s already letting me know he doesn’t want to be here next winter. It didn’t bother me very much this year, too busy to notice I think! But I do think I have seasonal effective disorder! Couldn’t sit still with the nice weather this week and now we’re supposed to get a huge rainstorm with flooding today and tomorrow so I’m going to go to the gym, get in my infrared sauna and then snuggle up on the couch with my laptop. I took home some desserts from Grezzo and I’ve got my live teddy bears, Rocco and Sal, to keep me company.

Oh the food last night, that was the other thing… a new dessert, Sam calls it coffee cake, Leah calls it coffee confection and I call it tiramisu mousse. AMAZING! There’s no coffee in it but it taste like a tiramisu in a whipped cake. Incredible! Also had the napoleon salad which is my favorite and some California Maki with quinoa “crab” salad.

Raw food on Thursday nights!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Had the autumn Napoleon salad at Grezzo in Newburyport yesterday. This is the most amazing salad!!! Oh and of course a chocolate cookie with frosting! Alright, so I had a few, but they have algae in them so its OK.

Leah also made gluten free cheese! Very exciting for all of you gluten free people,  since most of our amazing cheeses are made from wheat and rye berries. She made this one from Quinoa.

Grezzo Newburyport

Alissa + Annie – Not Julie and Julia

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

There’s a post on my board that you might get a kick out of!

Annie, one of the members, has decided to uncook her way through my book, Living on Live Food, like in the movie Julie and Julia.

Heres the link to it

Raw food Restaurant?

Friday, March 5th, 2010

After coming home from NY and visting some raw places there, I cant help thinking that Grezzo’s food would blow people away there. Our food is the best, I have to say, by far.

Ive already contacted a few freinds there and some brokers who I know. Now to break  the news to Dennis  that I want to open a Grezzo in NY ;)

Raw Food Photo Shoot

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Got back last night from my photo shoot in NY for the cover of my new book, Raw Food for Everyone.  It was a blast! So much fun, great people and the pictures look great. I’m waiting anxiously to see the final one!

We went over to pure food and wine after the shoot. Fun night but got back into Boston late and home at 2 am. So tired, but I can’t sleep for some reason. After finishing my Feb 4 day training and then flying to NY,I thought I’d be snuggled up to the dogs today napping off and on. All jazzed up about the new book I guess!

So I promised I’d be better at blogging. I think I’ve been intimidated that I need to write long and life changing posts. But apparently, they don’t need to be that earth shattering. So, I promise to babble more here!

Raw Food Class

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

I just finished the 4 day Alissa Cohen Feb Raw Food Teacher Training. Wow! Amazing group of people, as usual. The power was out though in most of this area so it was an interesting night on Friday when they arrived. But all went well and I’m so happy to be connected to another group of amazing people!  The April one is almost full so I’m adding a June date. That may be the last one for a while, although, I’ve said that before.  Just going month to month with them.