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Rain and Raw Desserts….

March 13, 2010

Wow, kind of hit a wall late last night.

I’ve been on kind of a high since shooting the cover of my new book a week and a half ago. That coupled with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I’ve been out and about and not stopping for a minute. Went into Boston last night to check on Grezzo and started getting very sleepy on the way home. It’s been so incredibly busy in the Boston location. We’ve had to hire more staff so I went in to meet the newbie’s who are training.

Dennis has been crazy busy dealing with our properties after the storms we’ve had. He’s already letting me know he doesn’t want to be here next winter. It didn’t bother me very much this year, too busy to notice I think! But I do think I have seasonal effective disorder! Couldn’t sit still with the nice weather this week and now we’re supposed to get a huge rainstorm with flooding today and tomorrow so I’m going to go to the gym, get in my infrared sauna and then snuggle up on the couch with my laptop. I took home some desserts from Grezzo and I’ve got my live teddy bears, Rocco and Sal, to keep me company.

Oh the food last night, that was the other thing… a new dessert, Sam calls it coffee cake, Leah calls it coffee confection and I call it tiramisu mousse. AMAZING! There’s no coffee in it but it taste like a tiramisu in a whipped cake. Incredible! Also had the napoleon salad which is my favorite and some California Maki with quinoa “crab” salad.

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