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2 Minute Raw Dinner

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

cabbage wraps

Everyone’s always asking me what I eat. You know how it goes…you tell someone you’re a raw fooder and they want to know what you eat for lunch or what you eat for dinner, don’t you get bored, etc…or they assume that since I own two restaurants, that I’m eating gourmet every day. Not so! I don’t always go to Grezzo and I often forget to take food home with me when I’m there.

Yesterday I was out most of the day and came home starving. My favorite meal is usually just thrown together. You don’t always have to make a “recipe” or just live on smoothies or basics salads.

I had just bought a red cabbage, so I tugged at a couple of big leaves and laid them on the cutting board. Without much thought, I grabbed some basics from the fridge, an avocado, salad mix, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, hemp seeds and mushrooms. No thought of marinating, too hungry. Pretty didn’t matter, again, too hungry. I halved the avocado and put it in the cabbage shells. I mashed them a bit with a fork and then sprinkled hemp seeds on them. On top of that I layered the sprouts and mushrooms. I mixed the salad greens with a few drops of ACV and piled that on top of all of it.  Whola! An instant creamy wrap.

I’ve never made that combination before, but, what could go wrong with those ingredients?

We sometimes give raw eating too much thought. Keep it simple! I still love indulging at Grezzo but when I’m home I still want something tasty but It doesn’t have to be ‘gourmet’ as long as it’s good!