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New Raw Food Certification Classes!

May 28, 2010

Alright! I couldn’t wait! We have so many people calling the office right now for new raw food teacher training classes. Jessica has been begging me to pick a date!

So, here’s the issue, we have 65 people who are on the waiting list right now because they could not get in to the upcoming June class. So, Jessica will be calling them today to let them know of the new date. However, not everyone will be able to make it on the new date, of course, so I wanted to announce it here for all of you who follow my site and are also waiting for new raw food teacher training classes. I will be sending out a bulk email next week as well but by then I assume the class will be just about filled.

These classes fill very quickly so PLEASE call Jessica today! Or by the beginning of next week at least. Its memorial day weekend as well, so we may not be able to reach people over this weekend. To register call 978-985-7217 or 888-900-2529 or for more information send an email to

So you’ve got some time right now to sign up, but I know some of you have not been happy when you call and can’t get into a class!  Because I love doing this in my cozy B&B we are limited in space. I also like to keep the classes at a manageable size so that everyone gets the attention they need to be able to learn.

There is a new format for class that I’m super excited about! The classes will be 3 days instead of 4. Many of you have asked for this. The format of the 3 days is changing though in terms of time. We will start at 12pm instead of 2 pm on Friday and end at 8pm. On Saturday, we will start at 9 am and end at 8pm instead of 6pm. On Sunday we will start at 9am and end at 9pm instead of 6 pm.

The New Class Dates for the 3 day training are:

September 10th – 12th 2010

So you can see that in terms of timing, we are taking out the full day Monday but making up for it with an extra 7 hours of class time throughout the 3 days.

Because I love the flow of how I’ve been teaching the levels 1,2 and 3, that will stay the same. I will  just be adding in the recipes from my new book, raw food for everyone, throughout the weekend (hence the longer days to allow more time) instead of doing them on Monday.

So, it really is an intensive 3 day experience with tons of information packed into each day. Because this is a teacher training though, the classes are taught experientially. We will fill your brain with a lot of information but in a way that you will learn and remember everything.

For more information on the classes  you can go to

Can’t wait to meet you. See you in class!

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