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Raw Food for Everyone now available for pre-order!

June 11, 2010

Cover of Raw Food for Everyone

If your not on my mailing list (which you can sign up for on on home page of I wanted to let you know that I announced yesterday the release of my new book, Raw Food for Everyone! The book is due out in October but you can now Pre Order by going to or clicking HERE.

Here is a bit of information about my new book. I’m so excited to share these new recipes from Grezzo restaurant with you!

My new book has over 300 unique and cutting edge raw food recipes including:

Cold Smoked Papaya – (Cold smoking technique explained)

Lobster Mushrooms Benedict



Gnocchi Carbonara

Land and Sea

Mediterranean Pressed Lasagna

Wild Mushroom Fettuccine

Pumpkin/Butternut Ravioli

Star Anise Encrusted Papaya Steak


Boston Meringues

Mexican Chocolate Torte

Angel Food Cake

Apple Pavé

New York-Style Cheesecake

and so much more!

Also included in this book are chapters on:

Pickling: pink pickled onions, pickled pine nuts and carrots, lavender pickled mushrooms, etc.

Gelatos and Ice Creams: Rum Raisin Pistachio Ice Cream, Clove Ice Cream, Salty Almond ice Cream, Chocolate Malt Ice Cream, Tomato Basil Sorbet, etc.

Grezzo Cheese: A thick boursin style cheese that taste like authentic dairy cheese - Herb and Garlic, Green Onion and jalepeno, Habenero Cilantro, Dill Scallion, French Onion, Sage Shiso and Mustard, etc…

Nutritious smoothies and juices to Sake infused cocktails that will wow your raw food guests!

There is also a large guide to every fruit, vegetable, nut and seed explaining how to store and use along with nutritional information!

Also, detailed step-by-step instructions, charts on sprouting and soaking, and thorough information on raw ingredients.

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