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June 23, 2010

Durian = Bliss!

Well, at least for me. For others, it equals smelly feet, chicken and onions, or some other weird smell….

If you LOVE the Durian fruit but have trouble opening it, or have never had it, here’s a little step by step with pix on how to eat it!

I swear I get blissfully happy after eating Durian. I haven’t had one for a long time, so when a friend gave me one as a birthday present I was so happy.

So heres what a Durain looks like:

durain 8

Most people use a knife to cut through it. The easiest and cleanest way it to find a seam (it takes some practice to be able to see the seam) and put your finger on the seam and then poke through. Now you have to be careful when doing this because although the shell is soft enough to poke through, the spikes on the Durian are very sharp. If you cut yourself with a Durian its painful and some say you can get an infection. Once youve located the seam and made a hole, then you just run your finger up or down on the seam and it splits open.


Once the Durian begins to open, you just pry it apart.

durian 4

Once you have one piece open, its easy to see where the seams are from the inside and to pry the rest apart.

durain 3

This is what the “pods” inside look like. Sometimes they are a bit more chewy or stingy then other times. If you get a creamy texture like pudding, thats the best!

durain 2

You can see how soft and and fluffy it looks.

durain 1+There is a huge pit in each pod so don’t just chomp into it, peel it apart a bit.

durian 1

This is the whole Durain pulled apart.


If you leave the Durian in your fridge, it can stink up the whole fridge. So, just eat the whole thing! It was SOOOO good! Thanks for that birthday present Nancy!

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