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10 Percent off Alissa’s Raw Macaroons and Granola

July 14, 2010

A special treat for you guys – Emmy’s is giving us 10% off of their macaroons and granola through the month of July! Read below for the code to enter to get your 10% off!

Now this would be exciting for any raw treat for sure, but if you’ve ever tasted their macaroons… They are amazing! Seriously, I’m addicted!

I first found out about these when I tasted them at this little local health food store I go to. I’ve been in there ever since buying up their stock! They are seriously addictive.

Sure, there are other macaroons out there and you can certainly make your own, but I’m telling you, these are really the best I’ve tried.

Oh and the granola is divine! I’m not a huge granola fan so I usually make my own, like the one in my upcoming book that is amazing! But… if you don’t feel like sprouting buckwheat and making your own, this one is the closest I’ve come to mine. It’s delicious!!!!! This is also quickly becoming a staple for me!

Emmys Lemon -Ginger (pictured above) along with the Chia Spice Macaroons, Dark Cacao, Vanilla, and  Choco Orange as well as their amazing Granola is now 10% off!

Stock up because we promise, once you try these little beauty’s they will become a staple in your diet everyday!

(Once you are in the Shopping Cart, after you have added your products to your cart, there is a section that says “Have a gift card or coupon?” Upon clicking that, a text box opens where you can enter coupon codes.) Just enter the code


when ordering and receive 10 percent off of your order of any Emmys’ Products.

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