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Heirlooms with Flor de Sal

July 18, 2010

The perfect raw food lunch. Amazing produce at the farmers market yesterday. Look at these organic yellow heirloom tomatoes. I’m eating them for lunch today and they are divine sprinkled with a little Flor de Sal! I’m sorry to say that Dennis will not be trying any as I only purchased a small amount. If I knew how incredible they are I would have bought a ton more! oh well, what he doesn’t know wont hurt him ;) They’ll be long gone before he gets back home today!

tomato 3

Some of you have asked about the mushrooms in the store. You were concerned that they were small 2 ounce bags. The mushrooms don’t weigh much so it really is a good amount in each bag. Here’s a pix of them and don’t forget, when you soak them they also expand a bit.

mushroom bag 3

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