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Blueberry delight and an amazing moonlit night

July 28, 2010

Friends of ours called late yesterday and asked us to go out on their boat. We jumped at the chance! We were a bit stressed out after coming home from our family trip to Texas and I was craving water and swimming.


It was late in the day and I hadn’t eaten much SO… imagine my excitement when I found out we could pick blueberries in the middle of the lake!

It was an amazing day that turned into a nighttime cruise. The moon was bright orange and the sky was lit up.

Here’s a  picture of me, Brad and Ruth swimming over to the blueberry bushes.

blueberryAnd here we are looking for the blueberries we dropped when we got back on the boat!

014[1]And… here are the blueberries… They’re tiny but I think I’ll make my blueberry pie with them.

tiny blue

Ruth also gave me a HUGE bag of blueberries that she picked from her yard!!! Those went into my smoothie this morning along with bananas, some Hemp Seeds kale, spinach, Green Food Powder, Camu Camu, Coconut oil, Vanilla Beans and a handful of other stuff such as a bit of Maca and some sprouted buckwheat that I never got around to using after I sprouted it before I went away for the weekend.

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Ah, feeling much more relaxed now. Definitely needed that!

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