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August 11, 2010

Ive been eating lots of the nut and seed butter as well as lots of the fermented foods, like the kim chi and sauerkraut that I’m now selling. I have to say, I feel really good lately! I always feel like I ‘should’ be adding more fermented foods into my diet because I know how great they are for you and really it’s so easy with the Rejuvenative Foods products, but usually when I eat too much nut butter I don’t feel that terrific. I noticed the other day that I’ve gone through quite a few jars already and I’m eating a lot more nut and seed butters but I feel really amazing!

For a long time when I lived in California, I would only buy Rejuvenative Foods brand nut butters at mothers market and some other health food stores (that I love and miss!) but then for a long time, I couldn’t find them at all. I searched for a while at different places and then gave in to buying the ones on the shelves when I knew I wouldn’t have time to make my own. I used them, but never felt great about it and I noticed if I ate too much I felt lousy.

In setting up my store again I knew I wanted to make available all different kinds of nut and seed butters, tahini, almond butter, cashew and some other basic staples that are commonly used when making raw food. The almond butter, cashew butter, pecan pie butter and halva in a jar are so creamy and amazing and are some of my favorites. Others, like the pumpkin seed butter are really rich and strong tasting and while I may not eat them every day, I love how full of vitamins,  minerals and fatty acids they are and they are really unique and different. They are great for recipes as well as eating straight out of the jar. I also tried the new mulberry treegan butter and flipped out over it!  There is such as huge difference between every other commercial nut and seed butter I’ve tried. Rejuvenative Foods brand is the only one I truly trust and promote now.

You can see the difference in texture between the smooth creamy almond butter and the rough texture (full of hearty flavor) of the pumpkin butter. Each nut and seed butter is so totally different in taste and texture. I actually don’t sell the sunflower seed butter and some other ones because they are too bitter for me. All of the ones on my site though I love and are really unique from one another.


Below are some explanations and questions and answers from Rejuvenative Foods.

Let me know how you like these products if you try them! There is a discussion here where you can let me know your comments and thoughts about them.

Maintaining the Benefits of Raw Nuts and Seeds when Making Nut and Seed Butters

There are three major areas of concern: that fresh raw nuts and seeds are used, that the nuts and seeds are ground at a low temperature and, finally, that the butter is kept refrigerated and is consumed while still fresh. When creating fresh raw nut and seed butters from these nuts and seeds, the goal is to enhance the flavor while retaining the nutrients. The nut butter is bound to be more flavorful when the ingredients have been kept as fresh and as nutritionally intact as possible. Part of this goal is to minimize the conversion of the healthful components of nuts and seeds into unhealthy substances during processing, such as altering the form of the unsaturated fatty acids by heat or oxidation.

Most nut and seed butters are made from roasted nuts. These once raw nuts and seeds have been deprived of their life potential by being cooked. Furthermore, if the nuts or seeds have been roasted in oil, not only has the life potential been damaged, but the amount of fat in the nuts, which includes the saturated fats, has been increased. In the process of being ground into butter, the roasted nuts and seeds are again heated up, having an even greater debilitating effect on the nutritional value of the nuts and seeds.

Even raw nut and seed butters retain their life energy and unique flavor only if they are kept fresh and if the temperature during grinding has been closely monitored. Consider as a guideline the maximum temperature in the desert that still allows for the continuance of life and use that as a reference point for the maximum temperature allowable in the grinding of nuts and seeds. The heat friction of the grinding must not cook the raw nuts and seeds and the butter must be kept fresh by refrigeration.

Taking Care to Preserve Life Energy

When making nut and seed butters, the seeds and nuts should be ground 2 to 5 times in short intervals with a cool down period between grinds, instead of one uninterrupted grinding. Grinding non-stop until the nuts and seeds become butter overheats and devitalizes the food. The life energy and rich flavor of the nuts and seeds may be preserved by maintaining a low temperature during grinding and then refrigerating immediately afterwards. In this way, one can expect to retain a much higher degree of life energy in the food that one is eating.

The important point is that tasty, raw, low temperature ground nut and seed butters provide the opportunity to consume the nuts and seeds with the proteins, enzymes, anti-oxidants and the many vitamins and minerals intact and with the fatty acids unaltered by heat and still in their natural healthful form. In this flavorful and healthful way you are able to obtain the valuable energy that is stored in raw nuts and seeds, the concentrated potential of plant life.

At what temperature do we process our Raw Nut and Seed butters? Generally the nut and seed butters are ground at temperatures between 112 and 116 degrees. Occasionally the grinder might get as hot as 118 degrees, although this is rare.

How pure are Rejuvenative Foods? Are there trace amounts of peanuts or other extraneous raw materials in our nut and seed butters? No. There are no peanuts in any of our foods. In fact, there are no peanuts processed in our plant at all, and our grinder and all of the other machines we use are cleaned very thoroughly in between batches, so there is no residue from any other nut or seed in our foods.

What is it about Raw Cultured Vegetables that enhances health? Raw Cultured Vegetables are delicious and provide an excellent self-rejuvenating source of non-dairy lactobacilli, including acidophilus and lactobacillus plantarum, important for the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora and the alleviation of digestive disorders. This is important for people who are lactose intolerant, have pathologies that prevent the consumption of dairy or simply choose to avoid it.

We often hear from customers that symptoms caused by stomach aches, ulcers, other digestive issues and health problems related to Candida are improved or disappear entirely after consuming our Raw Cultured Vegetables and other products. Many healing practitioners recommend the consumption of our raw foods to alleviate their client’s ailments and to improve overall health and general well-being.

In addition to the healing benefits found in our Raw Cultured Vegetable products, we also expect our customers to feel better after eating Rejuvenative Foods brand fresh, raw, low-temperature ground nut and seed butters than after eating another brand of heated nut and seed butters.

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