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Aerosmith at Fenway Park

August 15, 2010

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I’ll let you in on a little secret, or rather, a big issue that’s developing for me. Keep in mind that I’ve never in my life been star struck. I’ve met a lot of famous people and although I admire many of them, I just have really never been so totally star struck  and  infatuated with anyone in particular. That is, before I saw Steven Tyler in concert years ago. I actually shocked myself at how weak in the knees and giddy I was after seeing them play in Florida.

Seriously, I have developed an insane crush on him. I’ve always loved Aerosmith, but after seeing them in concert and then going again last year to see them in MA, I knew that I had to get tickets to the Fenway Park concert on August 14th.

Well my friends, here’s the news. It’s a bad scene. I’m completely obsessed with them… Wait, let me rephrase that, with him!

Ok, if you don’t think he’s sexy and all of that, stop reading right now. I know, not everyone does *gasp* but … in all seriousness, we had such an amazing, fun night in Boston. I went with 3 close friends, the weather was perfect and we had incredible seats, 3 rows off the floor and close to the stage!

So, after staying the night in Boston, getting home this morning and feeling a bit worn out from all the singing and screaming we did, I was sitting outside relaxing on the porch and some thoughts were floating around. I thought I’d share them with you since it has to do with some other stuff I always talk about and mention in my book. It’s about having fun and living your life to the fullest.

It’s really kind of an adolescent scene, all this stuff around seeing a concert, being infatuated with a rock star and screaming, cheering and singing all night at the top of your lungs. Lots of those songs take me back to a time when I was young and VERY carefree.

We went crazy last night, still singing in the streets as we walked back to the hotel. I felt exhilarated from the energy of the crowd and I am horse today from yelling. I was tired when I got back today but sitting on my porch talking to Dennis and telling him all about it (yes, he knows I have a mad crush on Steven – I don’t think  he’s worried, hm…does that mean he just doesn’t think I have a chance?) I was animated and felt that excitement of just having touched a part of my true self that isn’t always present. I was tired and worn out, but felt relaxed. I was walking around the house with a big smile as I was singing Aerosmith songs to myself. I also started to feel like doing my art again, which I haven’t felt since being on the computer again this past month. I could feel that “magical child” again. (those of you into metaphysics know that she is real and important) I had some new perspectives on a bunch of things that I’ve been working on this summer and I also felt like I couldn’t wait to have fun like this again. I don’t think I could do this every weekend or need to, but, letting yourself go REALLY crazy once in a while, I believe, is good for the soul.

How amazing would it be, to really live in your truth every day. To do exactly what you want to do everyday. To say no to everything that does not make you feel good about who you are and to say yes to everything that brings you joy. Its that freedom in action that I saw on stage Saturday night that makes me feel alive. That reminds me over and over again when I see someone like that on stage, to grab hold of life and live it. I know its not always a smooth ride through life for the people we put on pedestals. I know from what I read that Steven Tyler for instance, has had issues with rehab and whatever else. I do know he’s human, just like all of us… but for me, he represents a life fully lived. Isn’t that the goal?

It’s been a fun summer, lots of adventures, boating, and new friends, which has not been the norm the last few years. I’m starting to remember what it means to have fun again. I was honestly scared for a while when I realized I forgot what having fun meant to me.

Since Steven and I are both from MA -Yes, steven ;)   We go to the same dentist. (I know, eek!!! Very very exciting, haha) But, here’s the funny part, or maybe pathetic, depending on how your feeling about this whole post… I gave a book to my dentist to give to him. SO, I believe he has a signed copy of Living on Live Food…hm, maybe he’ll recognize me in Connecticut in Sept when I’m at his concert there (should I hold up a huge tomato?).

Yep, booked tickets today when I got home! WHOO HOOOO!  This time Dennis wanted to come with me, he must have caught the bliss! 11th row – I’m gettin’ closer…

DREAM ON my friends….


This was the encore when he sang Dream On. The lights went out and he asked “can you see me, can you see me” over and over again. When the spot light came on he was on top of the Green Monster on a piano.

Yep… I see ya and hear ya Steven, loud and clear.

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