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Raw Food Specials for You!

August 23, 2010

On Friday I was lucky enough to get a box of goodies from Organic Essence. They sent me a bunch of samples to try. I’ve been using them all weekend and WOW! I am in LOVE with these Shea Butters!


I have a jar of organic Shea butter that I use whenever I have really dry patches, but it’s very thick and almost waxy like and not easy to spread. Although I love what Shea butter does, I never liked the texture.

These samples jars were totally different than anything I’ve tried. First of all, the cream was really silky smooth right out of the jar. It melted on contact with my skin.


Second, the smell is divine! There is one that is just Shea butter with no smell that is perfect for those sensitive to essential oils and smells. The lemongrass one has strong notes of mint that are perfect for a morning wake up. The lavender is really lovely and not overpowering and then there is the orange-vanilla… This one is my favorite! I think I’ve used half the jar already! It smells like an orange creamsickle! It’s not too heavy on the vanilla, which, although I love vanilla, can get a little much, smelling like a cupcake all day.

And, the best part is that my skin feels amazing! I’m not a huge cream person, I just don’t always like the heavy or oily feel of it on my skin all day, but these soak right in and feel incredible!

Oh! And the lip balms. I am a total lip balm freak. I actually make my own because I don’t love what’s in most of them. These are great! Again, really nice smells and they feel good on.

The fact that they are packaged in an eco-responsible biodegradable organic jar, makes them even more desirable!

Here is the really incredible part though, even the label is eco-friendly – no need to peel it off. Don’t worry about the adhesive, it’s organic, too. This whole entire package, including the cover, is completely compostable! When you’re done with the contents, just bury it in your backyard!

So, I have created some specials for you so that you can try some of these and save a bunch of money at the same time. Just click here to see the three bundles. One is the original Shea Butter and the Lemongrass Shea butter with 2 lip balms, vanilla and grapefruit. Another package is all 5 lip balms and the last package is the Vanilla-Orange Shea Butter and the Lavender Shea Butter.

Oh and another special for you… when you buy any products during the month of August, you get a 15% off coupon for your next order! After you place your august order from, we will automatically send you a 15% off coupon to your email that you can use whenever you like.

And…. Because you guys have been ordering lots from the store since we opened in July, I just made another donation to more animal rescue groups!

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