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Unroasted Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

When I went to the health food store the other day they had organic baby brussel sprouts. I bought all three bags and came home and made the Unroasted Veg recipe from my new book, Raw Food for Everyone. We used to make these in the restaurant with brussel sprouts, carrots, broccoli, green beans and any other in season vegetables.

So easy! Heres the recipe with pix:

Take the brussel sprouts and cut them in half


Melt some coconut oil (I put some in a plastic baggie and ran it under hot water)


Place the brussel sprouts in a bowl with the coconut oil and mix well until they are coated.

Lay the brussel sprouts out on a teflex sheet and sprinkle with sea salt. (I like to sprinkle them with salt after they are on the sheet. If you add it to the mixing bowl it tends to clump)


They will shrivel up a bit in the dehydrator. I left them the entire day because I like them well done. you can dehydrate them as little or as much as you like. I like them almost crispy on the outside.


Place them in a bowl and snack on them. Add them to salads or as a side dish. I actually like them much better once they were sitting out and cooled off.


I’m doing another Raw Food Teacher class in December!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I just listed a new teacher training date. Here is the bulk email that just went out. The last class was so amazing! Cant wait to meet you all there!

Alissa Cohen Raw Food Teacher Trainings:
December 3rd – 5th 2010
Alissa Cohen Living on Live Food Teacher Training Certifications!December 3rd – 5th
We are excited to announce the new 3 day intensives with Alissa!
Class in Maine

Although this class is
just being put on the schedule today, it is already half full.

I was not planning on doing any more trainings in 2010 but my schedule is filling for the beginning of next year. We know many of you have been waiting for another class so we are squeezing this in.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you call ASAP to get into this class. These classes fill very quickly and there is limited space.

The Next Class Date is:

December 3rd – 5th 2010

For more information or to register please call 978-985-7217 or 888-900-2529.

I know some of you have not been happy when you call and can’t get into a class!
Because I love doing this in my cozy B&B we are limited in space. I also like to keep the classes at a a manageable size so that everyone gets the attention they need to be able to learn.

We are also contacting a large number of people that have been on a waiting list from the last class. We realize this date will not work for everyone, but this class will fill fast!

Please read below for information on the format of the new classes. You can also go to RawTeacher for a full description of the new, 3 Day Living on Live Food Teacher Training that includes the levels 1, 2 and 3 plus the Weekend to Awaken True Health.
Please scroll down to read current testimonials from Alissa’s class.

There is a new format for class that I’m super excited about! The classes will be 3 days instead of 4. Many of you have asked for this.
Because these 3 days are being stretched out longer in time, we are able to cut out an extra day.
We will start at 12pm instead of 2 pm on Friday and end at 8pm.
On Saturday, we will start at 9 am and end at 8pm instead of 6pm.
On Sunday we will start at 9am and end at 9pm instead of 6 pm.

So you can see that in terms of timing, we are taking out the full day Monday but making up for it with an extra 7 hours of class time throughout the 3 days.

Because I love the flow of how I’ve been teaching the levels 1,2 and 3, that will stay the same. I will  just be adding in the recipes from my new book, raw food for everyone, throughout the weekend (hence the longer days to allow more time) instead of doing them on Monday.

So, it really is an intensive 3 day experience with tons of information packed into each day. Because this is a teacher training though, the classes are taught experientially. We will fill your brain with a lot of information but in a way that you will learn and remember everything.

For more information on the classes you can go to Raw Teacher
The cost of this class is 2400.00.

For more information please send an email to Jessica at
Or Call 978-985-7217 to register.

I can’t wait to meet you. See you in class!


New Testimonials:Dear Alissa,

My raw food business has exploded after coming to your class! I am getting emails and sign ups for my next scheduled class and lots of inquires for personal raw trainings and new ventures.
I came to this class thinking it was just for personal knowledge but left feeling like I couldn’t wait to teach!
Thank you for showing us how to teach from our hearts. That was a huge piece for me to learn and to see it in action was a gift.
I have never been in a place physically and emotionally like I have been since coming home from Alissa’s training. I thought I was going to just learn about raw food and how to teach it, but the process that Alissa used to guide us to find our compelling visions was remarkable. I have taken a lot of classes and this was the most life changing weekend I have ever taken. I am crystal clear on what my next step is to create my life the way I have been wanting it to be for years now. Seems so easy after taking Alissa’s class. WOW!

Thank you so much for a wonderful transforming weekend.  The class far exceeded my expectations and to be with such a great interesting group of people made it perfect.  My head is full of things that I want to try and full of tweaks to the things that we already made.  I’m very excited!

It’s funny - Even though I have a strong extrovert personality, I stayed in the background absorbing everything.  There where others in class that needed much more attention and hand-holding and more.  It was interesting to see how you handled it all and very informative.  You have given me so much to think about, plan, and dream on!  I’m still not sure where I will go from here, but the seeds have been planted.
I really wanted you to know how much I appreciated our time together.  I got all that I needed from our time together and more.  I am very grateful that I was able to attend such a wonderful class.    Both Stacie and Janet were wonderful and everyone made for an intense but enjoyable weekend.  We were well fed and cared for during our time with you.

I’ve been 100% since Friday and don’t plan on changing that one bit.  I should definitely be able to convince my husband to join me with all that I have learned.
Thank you again for sharing and being such a special person!

I finally received RAW FOOD FOR EVERYONE yesterday!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

It’s finally here!!!!!

I had the galley (a black and white version of the final) a few months back, but I just received the final hard cover copy of Raw Food for Everyone!

It looks amazing!!! Thanks to my team at Penguin Publishing for that.

Here are some sneak peeks of the book. Also, (and many of you probably know this, but since I’ve never pre ordered a book before), when you pre-order, they send it out a few days before and you will get it the day it is released! The book will be out on October 28th. SOOO  pre-order yours now!!!!  Also, not sure if the price will go up or not but right now it’s a great price!

Ok so enough exclamation marks, but as you can see, I’m super excited about the new book!

Here are some pix of the inside:

new book 1

new book2

new book3




Sliders, Truffles, Smoked Papaya, Boursin Cheeses, Brownie Sundae,  Calamari, Lobster Salad, Bistro Burgers, Thia Lettuce Wraps, Rosemary-Scented Banana Crêpes with Lavender Coconut Cream, Morning Noon and Night Pancakes, Granola with Yogurt, Macerated figs in orange juice,Vanilla-Scented Parsnip Soup, Gnocchi Carbonara, Mediterranean-Style Pressed Lasagna, Pumpkin Coulis, Angel Food Cake, Boston Meringues and sooooo much more!

Here is the table of contents for just the recipes:

The Essentials: Everyday Raw Basics

Cheese: Quick and Cultured

Pickles and Other Condiments: Putting Food By

Smoothies, Juices, and Other Beverages: Nourishing Drinks

Breakfast: New Ways to Start the Day

Salads: More Than Just Greens

Dressings and Sauces: Lightly Covered

Appetizers: Small Bites for Meals and Munching

Soups: Bowls of Big Flavors

Main Courses: The Big Event

Crackers and Wraps: The Breadbasket

Mocktails, Cocktails, and Other Beverages: Get the Party Started

Desserts: How Sweet It Is

Dessert Sauces and Toppings: Finishing Touches

Ice Cream and Sorbet: Chill Out

The first half of the book is a  huge glossary of ingredients and how to buy, store and use them and so much more! Order now so you receive  it on the 28th of October!

Special on Vanilla Beans, Peppers, Saffron and Mushrooms! Stock up for fall!

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Some special pricing and bundles for you for the month of September!

The mushrooms are a lower price now! Thanks to all of the sales for them,  I was able to get a lower price from the company. They are really amazing mushrooms and because they are dried, they will stay until your ready to use them. I don’t know about you, but every time I buy mushrooms, there are always some I throw away and waste because I don’t use them on time. So, these are the perfect thing to always keep on hand.

I just spoke about this in my certification class last weekend. People always ask how to stay raw and part of my answer is always, “you need to be prepared and have things in your kitchen that you can whip up quickly, if your hungry”. That usually means nuts, seeds and dried fruit, which usually only satisfies a sweet tooth. Thanks to these dried mushrooms, you can easily create a soup, sandwich, mushrooms alfredo and so much more!

You can buy them separate in these individual bags if you know which ones are your favorites, buy the Northeast Medley to sample a bunch of them together or go for The Big Bundle (which is only on special for the month of September) if you know you already love mushrooms and want to have these handy for the fall weather and save over $20.00! (And to make the recipes in my new raw book due out October 28th, like the Land and Sea (pictured below), Vanilla Parsnip soup, and so much more!)


Also on special until the end of September is the Salt, Sweet and Spice Mix. This is an amazing bundle!!!! First of all, if you have not tried these vanilla beans, you have to get them! I have tried so many vanilla beans that were too dry and never enough vanilla in them. These are so plump and moist and SO CHEAP! I counted about 25 vanilla beans in my last batch for only $24.00. (They are sold in a ¼ pound pack) They really are the best ones I’ve ever tried. I use these everyday in nut milks, desserts, the ice cream recipe (a few post back) and tons of dishes. This package also comes with Saffron which makes an incredible cream sauce and Habanero Peppers. These peppers are also dried so you can keep them on hand to spark up a dish as the cooler weather arrives!  You can always buy these separately but with this bundle you’ll save $20.00!

Here is a picture of the Wild Mushroom Fettuccine from my new book that uses Saffron:

boston water leek and food 042

Remember, all of these products are always available on – the Individual Mushrooms, the Northeast Medley, Vanilla Beans, Saffron and Habanero Peppers, but the bundles: Dried Wild Mushroom Bundle and Salt, Sweet and Spice Mix are only available for the month of September at this low price.

What a week – or two…

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

What an amazing weekend with these last 30 people at my teacher training weekend! WOW! Everyone of them were such incredible beings. It’s a long, intensive weekend and although its only 3 days, the connections everyone made were amazing to witness. Plenty of tears when leaving but I know some of them will stay friends forever. I have 3 new oversees places to visit, Sweden, Australia and Croatia! Can’t wait to see you all again!

I didn’t have too much time to recover since my publishers for my new book Raw Food for Everyone got me a little date with Dr. Oz. Ok, well not me really, but my food! I sent them some ice creams, dill-scallion and green olive-jalapeno cheeses and a tort… So I had to make everything and package it all up and they should be receiving it today. Apparently his wife is raw. I’m not sure if it will get past his staff but hopefully he’ll try it and love it.

Alright my raw foodies, since the last few weeks have been insanity around here with the above going on and a million other things of course, I haven’t had a chance to do much with my store. So stay tuned for some specials in my next blog, probably tomorrow.

Raw Food for Everyone in Veg News Magazine!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

For Labor Day weekend we drove 2 hours to Mohegan Sun in CT to see Aerosmith. I was so close I could touch him *eek*! For those of you who are not in on my little obsession, read this post.

It’s going to be a busy week! My sister is here already from FL to help with the class and then we have a full house of people prepping for my Raw Food Teacher Training Class. Then the group comes on Friday. It’s amazing to see how far people come for this class. Australia, Japan, etc… I know many of you have tried to get in on this class the last few weeks but it’s been full. We are at capacity for sure so Jessica couldn’t fit any more in. I’m not sure when the next class will be. I’m trying not to overload my schedule with the new book coming out soon. I’ll send out a bulk email shortly if there is another one on the calendar soon. Also, feel free to call Jessica in the office and ask to be put on a waiting list for the next class. That’s why this one was filled so fast. We had half of it filled as soon as we announced it from the waiting list we had.

Exciting news: Word of the new book is beginning to leak out! Check out the little snippet from Veg News below! Oh and don’t forget to pre-order the book so it will arrive on your doorstep as soon as its released!

veg times

Pure Spring Water + Raw Chocolate Ice Cream

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

I finally did it! I’ve been off the computer for a few days now. I know, doesn’t seem like such a major accomplishment, but it is for me. Of course, I’ve been checking email occasionally from my phone and Jessica calls me with any issues, but guess what? The world has not come to an end because I’m not on my computer all day. Shocking, I know. I’ve been working on this for months and its finally kicking in.

I can’t believe how hard of an addiction this is to break! That’s what it’s starting to feel like, an addiction. Am I a workaholic?? OMG, that was never me. I was always the free spirit, but wow! It really feels like something I have to physically and mentally tear myself away from and there are jolts of anxiety when I stop and say to myself, “No, step away from the computer”!

BUT, it’s getting easier.

So, the last few days have been filled with swimming, boating, friends and fun!

A friend and I floated in the ocean for over 2 hours Monday, then went shopping at a couple of the local health food stores, made a huge salad and then went to get water. Many of you ask me what I drink for water. There’s a spring in Exeter, NH where I get my water.



It’s the best tasting, purest water I’ve ever had! Here’s a website if you want to find a spring near you:

Then we went over to Susan’s house later that night.  My friends Susan is this amazing magical women. She is an incredible healer and really one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. So, to go and play over at her place is always so much fun. Her space is also the most relaxing and calming space you can be in.

After that day, the thought of sitting down at the computer working did not seem fun, so, yesterday Dennis and I spent the day and night on a friend’s boat, playing, swimming and laughing.

We stopped for lunch and I actually had a great salad with guacamole.  Somewhere way up in NH, I think in Merideth, NH. Not even sure where we went yesterday, I was just along for the ride and it was divine.

But, I also made some chocolate ice cream to take with us, which was devoured by my non raw friends! It’s similar to the vanilla ice cream from a few posts ago but with a few additions, here it is below…


Chocolate Ice Cream

The most popular flavor. Raw cacao and agave nectar balance the bitter and sweet perfectly.

Top with Lucuma Caramel Sauce or Chocolate Sauce or try the variations that follow. (These are in my new book Raw Food for Everyone. Pre-order now!)

2 cups cashews

2 cups tightly packed coconut meat

4 cups coconut water

1 cup cacao powder

1 cup agave nectar

1. Combine all the ingredients in a Vita-Mix. Blend until completely smooth; there should be no lumps. Once the ingredients are blended, carefully remove the lid while the machine is running. The ingredients won’t splatter. Using a spatula, push the mixture around to make sure it’s smooth. Replace the top before turning the machine off.

2. Pour into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s directions. Serve immediately or freeze.