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Special on Vanilla Beans, Peppers, Saffron and Mushrooms! Stock up for fall!

September 18, 2010

Some special pricing and bundles for you for the month of September!

The mushrooms are a lower price now! Thanks to all of the sales for them,  I was able to get a lower price from the company. They are really amazing mushrooms and because they are dried, they will stay until your ready to use them. I don’t know about you, but every time I buy mushrooms, there are always some I throw away and waste because I don’t use them on time. So, these are the perfect thing to always keep on hand.

I just spoke about this in my certification class last weekend. People always ask how to stay raw and part of my answer is always, “you need to be prepared and have things in your kitchen that you can whip up quickly, if your hungry”. That usually means nuts, seeds and dried fruit, which usually only satisfies a sweet tooth. Thanks to these dried mushrooms, you can easily create a soup, sandwich, mushrooms alfredo and so much more!

You can buy them separate in these individual bags if you know which ones are your favorites, buy the Northeast Medley to sample a bunch of them together or go for The Big Bundle (which is only on special for the month of September) if you know you already love mushrooms and want to have these handy for the fall weather and save over $20.00! (And to make the recipes in my new raw book due out October 28th, like the Land and Sea (pictured below), Vanilla Parsnip soup, and so much more!)


Also on special until the end of September is the Salt, Sweet and Spice Mix. This is an amazing bundle!!!! First of all, if you have not tried these vanilla beans, you have to get them! I have tried so many vanilla beans that were too dry and never enough vanilla in them. These are so plump and moist and SO CHEAP! I counted about 25 vanilla beans in my last batch for only $24.00. (They are sold in a ¼ pound pack) They really are the best ones I’ve ever tried. I use these everyday in nut milks, desserts, the ice cream recipe (a few post back) and tons of dishes. This package also comes with Saffron which makes an incredible cream sauce and Habanero Peppers. These peppers are also dried so you can keep them on hand to spark up a dish as the cooler weather arrives!  You can always buy these separately but with this bundle you’ll save $20.00!

Here is a picture of the Wild Mushroom Fettuccine from my new book that uses Saffron:

boston water leek and food 042

Remember, all of these products are always available on – the Individual Mushrooms, the Northeast Medley, Vanilla Beans, Saffron and Habanero Peppers, but the bundles: Dried Wild Mushroom Bundle and Salt, Sweet and Spice Mix are only available for the month of September at this low price.

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