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I’m doing another Raw Food Teacher class in December!

September 28, 2010

I just listed a new teacher training date. Here is the bulk email that just went out. The last class was so amazing! Cant wait to meet you all there!

Alissa Cohen Raw Food Teacher Trainings:
December 3rd – 5th 2010
Alissa Cohen Living on Live Food Teacher Training Certifications!December 3rd – 5th
We are excited to announce the new 3 day intensives with Alissa!
Class in Maine

Although this class is
just being put on the schedule today, it is already half full.

I was not planning on doing any more trainings in 2010 but my schedule is filling for the beginning of next year. We know many of you have been waiting for another class so we are squeezing this in.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you call ASAP to get into this class. These classes fill very quickly and there is limited space.

The Next Class Date is:

December 3rd – 5th 2010

For more information or to register please call 978-985-7217 or 888-900-2529.

I know some of you have not been happy when you call and can’t get into a class!
Because I love doing this in my cozy B&B we are limited in space. I also like to keep the classes at a a manageable size so that everyone gets the attention they need to be able to learn.

We are also contacting a large number of people that have been on a waiting list from the last class. We realize this date will not work for everyone, but this class will fill fast!

Please read below for information on the format of the new classes. You can also go to RawTeacher for a full description of the new, 3 Day Living on Live Food Teacher Training that includes the levels 1, 2 and 3 plus the Weekend to Awaken True Health.
Please scroll down to read current testimonials from Alissa’s class.

There is a new format for class that I’m super excited about! The classes will be 3 days instead of 4. Many of you have asked for this.
Because these 3 days are being stretched out longer in time, we are able to cut out an extra day.
We will start at 12pm instead of 2 pm on Friday and end at 8pm.
On Saturday, we will start at 9 am and end at 8pm instead of 6pm.
On Sunday we will start at 9am and end at 9pm instead of 6 pm.

So you can see that in terms of timing, we are taking out the full day Monday but making up for it with an extra 7 hours of class time throughout the 3 days.

Because I love the flow of how I’ve been teaching the levels 1,2 and 3, that will stay the same. I will  just be adding in the recipes from my new book, raw food for everyone, throughout the weekend (hence the longer days to allow more time) instead of doing them on Monday.

So, it really is an intensive 3 day experience with tons of information packed into each day. Because this is a teacher training though, the classes are taught experientially. We will fill your brain with a lot of information but in a way that you will learn and remember everything.

For more information on the classes you can go to Raw Teacher
The cost of this class is 2400.00.

For more information please send an email to Jessica at
Or Call 978-985-7217 to register.

I can’t wait to meet you. See you in class!


New Testimonials:Dear Alissa,

My raw food business has exploded after coming to your class! I am getting emails and sign ups for my next scheduled class and lots of inquires for personal raw trainings and new ventures.
I came to this class thinking it was just for personal knowledge but left feeling like I couldn’t wait to teach!
Thank you for showing us how to teach from our hearts. That was a huge piece for me to learn and to see it in action was a gift.
I have never been in a place physically and emotionally like I have been since coming home from Alissa’s training. I thought I was going to just learn about raw food and how to teach it, but the process that Alissa used to guide us to find our compelling visions was remarkable. I have taken a lot of classes and this was the most life changing weekend I have ever taken. I am crystal clear on what my next step is to create my life the way I have been wanting it to be for years now. Seems so easy after taking Alissa’s class. WOW!

Thank you so much for a wonderful transforming weekend.  The class far exceeded my expectations and to be with such a great interesting group of people made it perfect.  My head is full of things that I want to try and full of tweaks to the things that we already made.  I’m very excited!

It’s funny - Even though I have a strong extrovert personality, I stayed in the background absorbing everything.  There where others in class that needed much more attention and hand-holding and more.  It was interesting to see how you handled it all and very informative.  You have given me so much to think about, plan, and dream on!  I’m still not sure where I will go from here, but the seeds have been planted.
I really wanted you to know how much I appreciated our time together.  I got all that I needed from our time together and more.  I am very grateful that I was able to attend such a wonderful class.    Both Stacie and Janet were wonderful and everyone made for an intense but enjoyable weekend.  We were well fed and cared for during our time with you.

I’ve been 100% since Friday and don’t plan on changing that one bit.  I should definitely be able to convince my husband to join me with all that I have learned.
Thank you again for sharing and being such a special person!

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