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Kindle, raw yoga and balance…

October 24, 2010

Ah what a week! I’ve been redesigning the raw teachers site, working on new products to put in the store and getting ready for my new book to hit the shelves on October 28th!  (btw/ for those of you who asked if it will be on kindle, it is!!! If you order Raw Food for Everyone now, it will be on your kindle on October  28th! And if you pre-order it will be on your doorstep on October 28th!)

Been having a lot of fun lately also, hardly at home so haven’t been writing much on my blog. Just got home from a dinner party at a friend’s house, brought some raw ice cream from my new book and everyone went crazy, raw and cooked eaters alike!

Don’t forget, the Ormus Greens are still 10.00 off until the 26th! We have sold a ton and already had some great feedback! I’ll be introducing some fantastic specials this week also, some great discounts.

I was at Prana Restaurant in Newton with my sister in raw, Taylor, Thursday. So much fun meeting  some of you spur of the moment who were eating there! Meant to take more pictures of the food but we always get too busy talking and I lose touch with anything else. We ate lunch, took Prana Yoga next door (which by the way is the BEST yoga I’ve ever done!) went to her house to change and take care of nursing her 6 month old twins (her, not me ;) ), took her other two children back to the restaurant to eat dinner and then hung out the rest of the night until 1:30 am processing, talking, laughing and living in the high energy of rawness. I finally made it home at 3:30 am! Very late for me, but so much fun. Talk about someone who has tons of energy! She has 5 kids under the age of 12, runs 4 yoga studios and a restaurant and a million things in between. I’ve met my match, lol! Dennis told me she is so much like me. Ya, except I have 2 dogs not 5 kids!

Still doing yoga everyday and feeling great! Love my new yoga mats in my store. Also adding more workout stuff soon.

Off to write a couple of articles and set up my schedule for the week. Busy busy but balanced. So happy I’m  starting to achieve this (balance) again.

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