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November 19, 2010

Just a quick blog to tell you that I have turned on my comments so you can now post comments to my blogs!

Many of you write to me after my blog post in response to something I write or write to me on Facebook. (BTW, I never answer my face book messages, so please make sure you send your questions to Now you can post your responses here. Yeah!!

I’m feeling weirdly euphoric this week! Maybe it’s all the extra yoga and de-stressing I’m doing.

So I’m becoming a yoga fanatic again since it’s the only thing that feels good for my foot. Hot yoga, I have a new love with hot vinyasa flow. I’ve been driving way too far though to do it so I’ve convinced Taylor and Philippe to open a Prana Yoga near me. Actually 3 doors up from me! Already scouted out the place, spoken to the landlord and had them come and look at it. YEAH! I just have to be creating, even if it’s for someone else!  And since they are just like me, it looks like it’s already in the works!  I’ll keep you posted and maybe I’ll even be teaching there and you can all come and take a class with me! Although I think I just want to take classes, not teach, but who knows, teaching is in my blood so we’ll see! At the very least, you can come and take class with me! You’ll love it, I promise!!!

Lots of interviews and promo for my new book. There’s a cool thread on my board about the book with pictures and recipes that people are making.  Check it out here

I’ve been taking my therapeutic Enzymes again and making the Burdock-Shilajit Latte that I posted about in my last bog and feel awesome. I’ve always loved those enzymes and I swear that Shilajit has magical healing powers!

I’ve got two new projects I’m kicking around but I think I need to play for a while before I dive in! One is another book… am I ready to sit down and do that?? hm, I don’t know…Tomorrow is the winter farmers market around here and then a huge art show close by. Sunday is play time over a friend’s house. There will be a bunch of non raw people there so I’m making my stuffed pesto mushrooms, ice cream and other goodies to get them hooked!

Next week we are off to Florida for thanksgiving to see my parents and raw sister. I’m so excited to be spending the holiday with them. My sister is making all kinds of stuff from my new book, the papaya steak, stuffing, etc… we’re just going to hang out at the beach for a few days and then pig out on yummy raw food for thanksgiving. It’s been so many years since I’ve spent Thanksgiving with my parents. We are usually away on the holidays. I’m really looking forward to spending it with them and my sister. I also get to see one of my best friends, Elaine, while I’m in Fl.

On my way into my infrared sauna and then off to play for a while with my enchanting friend Susan.

Oh and to top off the day….Imagine my excitement and joy when I found these little babies waiting for me just 5 minutes away!

Yep, the Asian store near me has had durians all this time and I haven’t even known it.  I bought two yesterday and they are all defrosted and ready to be devoured today. Ah, all is right in the world :) .

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  • Elizabeth

    Hi Alissa! I am loving the new book & will check out the posts on rawfoodtalk. YEAH–congratulations on making another beautiful, must have raw food book! You are inspiring. Love the blog & comment ability here. Wishing you & your family a VERY rawsome & happy Thanksgiving next week! xoxo Elizabeth

  • Anonymous

    Hey Elizabeth!
    Thanks so much, so glad you like the book! Happy Thanksgiving to you also!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you also. Looking forward to visiting your studio again soon!
    ox A
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  • Frances

    I tried your Burdock-Shilajit Latte for lunch. I had to use yacon syrup instead of agave. It was excellent. I felt nourished and very satisfied all afternoon. Thanks for the recipe.

    Healthy regards and Happy Holiday!

  • Cocoloco

    Hey Alissa,

    So I bought your new book, but there doesn’t seem to be any recipes with honey in it.. Do you not do honey anymore, if not why?

  • Magnolia

    Hot Prana Yoga coming here soon?! OMG! 3 of us are ready! When is the projected opening?

  • Alissa

    Your welcome Frances, I love the shilajit. It makes me feel very balanced!

    Cocoloco, I do use honey still once in a while but my restaurant Grezzo did not since I wanted it to be vegan. You can substitute where needed.

    Magnolia, I know! I told them I was opening if they didn’t do it! They came to look at the space and things are moving quickly, I’ll keep you posted on the opening when all is locked in!

  • Eva Rawposa

    What I would give for a durian! And Alissa… I want to let you know how thankful I am that you directed us over to Taylor’s blog. There was an entry there that I needed to see, and it found me at exactly the right time. :)

  • Anony1

    Hey Alissa- does your sister teach raw classes in SoFl? Where does your family go to dine? (there a few raw restaurants in the area, as you know) 4th Generation is a cute market/deli.

    You should have stayed here! There is such potential for raw in the area! :-)

  • Appifanie

    Hey Alissa! The yoga place – near you in MA or ME? I’m hoping to return soon and will need a job – exploring my interests :D

    -Sarah from ME

  • IHOP Nutrition

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