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Win a Vitamix – and heading to FL!

January 31, 2011

Helloooo from Ice Land! Only kidding but wow! Talk about some snow. Major snow storms every week and now we are supposed to get 27 inches on tuesday and wednesday! AHH!!!

Even the water across the street is freezing! Does ocean water freeze??!!

So, we are leaving tomorrow morning for FL before Dennis has a nervous breakdown from shoveling, lol! He keeps telling me he’s too old for this kind of weather so we are taking a little break.

BUT, before I go, some fun news! I know many of you have signed up for my weekly coupons. If you haven’t already, sign up now and you’ll be entered to win a FREE  VITAMIX! Im giving one away on the 7th of February to one lucky person who signs up! Oh and don’t worry, if you’ve already signed up to follow me, your already entered in this drawing as well!

For those of you following me for my weekly coupon specials… Here is what is coming up:

This week I’m giving you a great deal on Hemp Protein, Hemp Seeds and Hemp oil!

Next week is THE BEST CHOCOLATE you’ve ever tasted! Seriously, if you think you’ve tasted great Raw Chocolate, THIS is the best! I’m so excited about this and its just in time for Valentines day! Sooo, sign up to get notified now!

I  know I’ve let everyone know about what I’m doing with OpenSky, but for those who haven’t heard – I’m lining up exclusive offers on my favorite products for all of you with up to 50% off! Just sign up to follow me and you’ll get these exclusive offers delivered to your inbox once a week.(usually Tuesdays or Wednesdays)

Open Sky Screen Shot

For those who aren’t following – you missed an AMAZING offer last week on my favorite Green Star Juicer – $150 off the regular price!

So, make sure you sign up to get these exclusive offers and qualify to win a Vitamix!

And of course no obligation to sign up. Its free and you can choose which weekly coupons to use or not.

Here’s how my new weekly coupons will work:

When you sign up to follow me, you’ll get up to 50% off my favorite raw food finds in the form of weekly deals delivered directly to your inbox!

All you have to do is sign up to follow me HERE and once a week you get a coupon for an amazing product. Signing up is free of course. I just need to be able to send you the coupon deals to your email. There’s no obligation, you may choose to use none, some or all of them but I promise you, there will be some amazing deals that you’ll love and prices that you won’t find elsewhere! I’m working hard on setting up incredible deals with all kinds of suppliers!

And don’t forget to read about my new Living on Live Food CD below in the last post. We are getting amazing feedback already. Great low shipping cost as well!

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  • Doberman_77035

    I really love the raw food site and like the idea of your diet plans and so forth. Would love to attend the classes but your prices are extremely high for a normal working person. Also the tools and dehydrators, etc. are way over the top for pricing.

  • steph a

    I love your blog.. thanks for all the great info… thank you so much for the chance to win a vitamix!!! I signed up in a heart beat… I have been wanting one for years now!!! I have been saving up everyday… a vitamix would help me live a raw lifestyle much better and I could retire my old blender!!!

  • Myra

    So who’s the lucky winner?

  • alissa

    The winner was Jill Elliot! Lucky Women!

  • C_schermerhorn

    I was wondering the same thing.

  • Alissa

    Hi All, Sorry for not posting this sooner! The winner was Jill Elliot!