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The Round Yoga Mat!

March 22, 2011

This is one wild, funky yoga mat, but I love it!

What makes Mandala’s large, circular mat so great is that no matter which way you turn, reach, stretch, or lean, your body stays on it. Flip your downward dog and your foot is still on the cushy padded surface…not slipping and sliding on the bare floor! I especially like using this during Shivasana because I can extend my arms and legs without having to worry about my fingers and toes hanging over the edges. It’s a little big to take a regular class but for home use, it’s a major luxury.

And for all the yoga instructors out there, here’s a little added plus: my sister uses this when she teaches classes and says it’s awesome because she never has to turn it to demonstrate poses at the front of the room. Pretty cool, right?

The mat comes with a yoga pad to add some extra cushion for your knees, sacrum, hip bones, and headstand (or to sit on during meditation practice), and Mandala’s natural mat cleaner specially formulated with essential oils to keep your mat clean and smelling fresh.

If you’re heading out on a road trip, throw this into the car for your travels. You’ll be glad you have it if you do yoga in your hotel room so you don’t end up having to touch the itchy carpet underneath!

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  • Corrieloucks

    Even though I follow on Open Sky, I did not receive the offer to purchase this yoga mat for a special price by noon tomorrow. Where do I find a link to purchase this? Time’s running out! :)


  • Alissa

    Hi Corrinne,
    We have replied back to you about this and have also sent you a message from It seems you are not getting your email. Please check your spam folder!