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Super-Conductive Vitamins and Ionic Minerals

April 5, 2011

Todays super deal is one of my favorites!!!
Its the Ambaya Gold Products
It’s been a cold, nasty winter here in the Northeast, and so my
husband and I have been sneaking off to Florida every chance we get
for some sunshine. As much as I love getting away, though, I don’t
love the colds and other ailments that can happen from travelling on
airplanes frequently. But thanks to my trusted Ambaya Gold
Super-Conductive Vitamins and Ionic Minerals, I haven’t gotten sick
once from all those flights!
I like these because they are in liquid form, which makes it easier to
take. I personally don’t like swallowing big vitamins (they feel like
they get stuck in your esophagus, right?). Plus, pills take time to
break down in your body. In liquid form the vitamins and minerals go
straight into your system faster, and you don’t need to use your
digestive energy to break them up.
A lot of times when you’re taking supplements you don’t even  really
notice a difference, but when I started taking these, I actually felt
them working. They give you more energy and more of an overall feeling
of vitality…and, of course, a good excuse to hop on an airplane
knowing your immune system is good to go!
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  • Idakeightley

    I live in Canada and find it hard to get to one of these Raw food classes, Is there anyone who is alissa certified in Canada Alberta or BC that could teach them. Also i am interested in the Raw live food book and cd, how much would the postage be to mail here as i know it is a heavy book? or can it be purchased in Canada. As yet i have had no look in finding it. I am a Weight loss holistic coach and nutritionist looking to further my knowledge and live more in the raw food lifestyle. Thank you for your time.

  • chlorella

    your digestive system - Chlorella allows
    you to eliminate terrible breath in addition to foul smelling stools.
    Constipation can also be treated by using this product.

  • Angela

    Please do not attribute these minerals to prevention of “catching” something from someone on an airplane as is mentioned. I have taken these minerals 2x daily for the past year and haven’t had the flu in 17 years however, last week I sat next to a lady who coughed on me the entire two hour flight and I came down with the flu a few days later. That lady should have worn a mask!