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Todays Special – Chlorella!

April 12, 2011

You all should have received my special offer coupon today by now. I LOVE this weeks offer. Its Chlorella!

We don’t always have time to make a full meal using greens, or to make fresh green juice, which is why I love having Chlorenergy tablets around.

Chlorellais actually my favorite thing to take because it’s super-important for health. Derived from algae, Chlorenergy is 100% natural and is packed with vitamins, minerals and so much more.

Whether you eat a raw diet or not, trust me, these Chlorenergy tablets are one of the best things you can take for your body every day!

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  • chlorella

    The good part about the
    protein found in chlorella is that it has all the essential amino acids in
    polypeptide chains in it. That straightaway means – you’re getting the purest
    and richest form of natural protein.