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Brads Raw Chips!

May 3, 2011

This weeks super special! Brads Raw Chips!

I’m a snacker. That’s all I do is snack. I don’t really eat breakfast, lunch and dinner – I tend to graze throughout the day whenever I’m hungry. This way of eating works for me really well, because when you’re eating raw, you digest quicker so you need to eat more often.

Even back when I was bodybuilding, I’ve always felt better eating six small meals and snacks throughout the day. When you eat three big meals, your metabolism rises and crashes. But this way you keep your metabolism stoked all day, so you have more energy and burn more calories. One of my new go-to snacks of choice are Brad’s Chips.

The crackers are great because they’re crunchy and have really distinct flavors. And the kale chips are fantastic. Let’s be honest: we can all make kale chips at home in the dehydrator, but do you ever really find the time?

Kale is so good for you, but how often can you really get it in? These are great to have on hand instead of waiting five hours to dehydrate. If you’re new to this kind of eating, give the snacking system a try. I think you’ll be surprised to see how much energy you have – and how easily you lose weight!

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  • Ronn

    Pardon me if the answer to my question is obvious and I’m just not seeing it, but how do we find the purchase information for today’s -Brad’s Raw Chips- special offer?

  • Rose

    Same for me as Ronn…

    Also, can we only buy the item of the week (except for your original book and dvd’s)?

    And, your ad for your new book says you are the owner of two Grezzo restaurants, but I thought you closed them. Wonderful if they are still open! Let us know.

  • JeanM

    I can not find the product to order either. Hmmm

  • Enigma

    These are really good! I just had them yesterday at Whole Foods!  

  • Tancie TRail

    Hi Alyssa – thanks for the fantastic post, I am eating BRC as I type this! While I will continue to buy them, cause nothing beats convenience, I would love to know how to make this kind of thing. Do you have a recipe to share or one that I can purchase? Happy snacking! Tancie Trail

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