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The last Alissa Cohen Teacher Trainings

September 26, 2011

When I sent out the last bulk email announcing that this would be my last 2 classes for the Alissa Cohen Living on Live Food Teacher Training, I got lots of calls and emails asking if this was REALLY the last 2 classes.

Yes, It is. 2 years ago I began saying that I was done teaching these classes and moving on to other things. Ive been teaching these for 7 years now! My new book, Raw Food for Everyone was coming out and so many other things were calling my attention. But, as people continued to write and call about the classes and the demand was still so high for Alissa Cohen teachers, I decided to teach a few more over the last couple of years.

I love teaching these classes. The people that come to train with me are so amazing. I’ve met some wonderful people over the years who have become close friends. The trainings are intimate and in my home and after 35 + hours together, the whole class, including me, always has a life changing experience. The teachings are all about the food, and then not about the food. You will learn all about raw food prep and how to actually DO this diet in a real-life practical way, with a lot of tips, techniques, simple and easy recipes and more gourmet recipes from my restaurants. So if you’re just coming to be immersed in the raw food diet, you will be blown away…But, I also have a very practical way of teaching people how to really go out and teach raw food to others and how to make a living doing it. You can leave the class and set up your own business or you can use the business model that I have set up for you. You can have an Alissa Cohen web site and we promote you on the teacher locater page. We have people calling the office daily for teachers in their area so we need more Alissa Cohen Teachers!

But yes, these are the last two classes I’ll be teaching. And Yes, the only way to be certified for level 3 is to take the training directly from me.  October 21st-23rd and November 4th-6th. The November class is filling very quickly, the October one still has a lot of spaces (which is unusual because they normally  are filled a month before!)

Will I ever teach these again? I don’t know… I never say never. Will I be teaching these within the next few years? Definitely not.

The paperback version of my book Raw Food for Everyone will be coming out in October along with a huge radio tour that my publishers have me on. The whole next year is booked already and I’m changing things up.

However, the teacher classes will always be close to my heart and my staff and I will still be working closely with all of my teachers. This will be an even bigger part of my business.  the students who have trained directly with me and the people that they have trained, will be even busier because people will have to get trained by them, not me.  Most of you have seen the site and the teacher locator page which gets loads of hits every day. I will also be promoting my teachers in many other ways, while on tour with my book and other ventures. So, if you’d like to be a part of this huge network of raw food teachers, sign up now! It always happens that after the class we get so many calls with people asking for more dates.  So, I know I have “cried wolf” before, but really really really, these are the last 2 Raw Food Teacher Classes!

Hope to see you in class!

To register please call 978-985-7217

Xo Alissa

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  • Tricia Rush

    This figures! Just when I find you! I will still be able to take the classes through your trained teachers though, right? 

    I sure hope so! I won’t be ready to take any until spring most likely. 

    Why, oh, why, am I always too late?

  • Catz4u

    Hiya Alissa,
                    I really miss you guys!   I wish you all the very best in your new venture.  I am going to send some photos of this year when I entered a bikini competition at the grand age of 54.
    Julia Dent
    San Diego

  • Catz4u

    Hiya Tricia,
                  Where are you located?  I will be teaching, went through Alissa last year.
    I am in san Diego.Julia

  • L. D. Langford

    I spoke to you in person so many years ago when I ordered your first book and video, dehydrator and etc.  I have watched you grow aand your various enterprises expand.  You are amazing Alissa, and yet still you.  I wish I had taken the class just so we could meet face-to-face.  I can’t now because I’m  needed at home.  I will keep watching and listening in case you decide to do it again.  I’m sure your teachers are beautifully trained, but I started with you and so it would be my dream to have you train me also.  All the best!    Linda L. 

  • Tricia

    Hi Julia!

    Unfortunately, I’m across the country from you in Rhode Island. Close to Alissa, but unable to afford the 3-day training on such short notice or I’d be all over that just because it’s her last one!

    I’m economically challenged, if you know what I mean, so I have to plan in advance for any major expenses. I’ve searched for instructors. The closest is in Maine, I think. Couldn’t find any in MA, CT or RI. 

    That’s okay for now. It’ll have to wait unless something changes.

    In the meantime, I ordered the book and will start with that!

  • Catz4u

        Well good luck to you Tricia. Alissa’s book is amazing, the best book for your money spent and so, so informative.
    Have fun with the recipes.

  • Tricia

    Thank you! I know I”m going to love it! Probably, after my personal trainer certification is finished, I’ll move on to the raw food certification! 

  • Wohop

    I sooo wish I was living close to Kittery, Maine right about now !! ;  ))) Are the certification classes still going on this weekend? ( Weather complication? ) If it does get postponed, I want to know ASAP so I can get my spot ;  )))) !!!!!

  • Dawl19

    Are there online certifications??

  • Tiffany D. Patton

    Hello Allissa, I am probably several months too late but I felt led to say this. I will start the life style of eating Raw Foods this coming February (2012); I am so excited. My friend Averyl and my cousin Melanie have informed me of the many benefits of eating Raw Foods. 

    I was reading your story and it brought tears to my eyes. I am sure that you have probably heard this so many times. I think that the time you are taking to grieve is great; I didn’t do that when my mother passed in 2001. It has been ten years and I still cry sometimes. I think crying, getting angry, and feeling sad is part of the healing process. I agree with you when you said that you never get over it but learn to deal with you loved one’s absence. 

    God is a major force in my life; I totally rely on His strength. He wants us to go to Him when we are week and for us to not do it on our own. he is the driving force in my life. I love Him like I have never loved anyone!   

    Looking at your website I feel that God led Dennis to you for this ministry; you are changing lives, giving people hope, and assisting God in creating healthier beings. God has a mission for you; pray and ask for his guidance.