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Juice Cleanse

August 11, 2014

Even on my raw food diet, I’m feeling like I need a cleanse…It’s actually been so long since I’ve don’t a juice fast, so Im starting one today. If you would like to cleanse with me, post a comment here on what you juice, recipe, etc.. maybe we’ll have a bunch of people doing an end of summer fast together!

Good luck!

8 carrots, 1 apple, piece of lemon, large chunk of ginger… yummy!


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  • Bubba Wubba

    Great minds think alike: I’m starting a planned 3 week juice today.
    Breakfast: 2 cukes, spinach, parsley, lime
    Lunch: pineapple, blueberries, romaine
    Snack: Honeydew, romaine
    Dinner: Spinach, apples, celery

  • revjacki

    Beginning through the end of the month

  • Raw Food Boom

    Thanks Alissa For Sharing. Simple Juices Are The Best! That Ginger Really Gives it a Kick for Sure. So Good For You. Keep Up The Good Work.