What you probably don’t know about my classes…

Aug 29

I always have people ask me if I have classes to teach people how to go raw besides the raw food teacher training certification.

They see the raw food teacher training level 3 certification classes and assume that those are only for people who want to be able to teach others. They are not!! In most of the certification classes, more than half the class are people just wanting to learn more for themselves or their families.

The teacher training certification classes are perfect for someone who just wants to start eating more raw foods and wants to learn how to incorporate them into their diet, or for someone who has been raw for a while, but needs more information and wants more knowledge. They are perfect for people who have been eating and preparing raw food but want to take it to the next level or for someone who has a health challenge and wants to use raw food for healing. If you DO want to help others and teach classes or make a living with raw food in some other way, this class is also perfect for that as well! But you can really use this raw food certification training to benefit you at any stage of your raw food journey.

More about the class: The class covers the basics of raw food, how to get people excited about raw food, how to make simple and easy raw food that will help you stay raw and how to have fun with this diet and really make it doable for everyday life! It then moves you through the intermediate stages with dehydrating, sprouting, food combining and making enchiladas, calzones, pizza, etc. We cover all basis of the raw food lifestyle and how to stay raw for long term and all of the things that come into play with that, traveling while raw, being the only person eating raw food in your family, how to adjust the diet for your particular needs, etc. Then it takes you into the advanced raw chef training with recipes that I made in my raw food restaurants. The teacher training, which includes how to manage a class and team building and so much more, is taught experientially. You’ll find this part helpful even if you’re not planning to teach classes. You can use these tools and techniques in everyday life and business.

What you probably don’t know about these classes. There is a also a huge component to these classes which is difficult to explain. If you watch any of the testimonials, you’ll see that everyone says they are “life changing!” and although the food is a big part of that, it’s way more!  My biggest strength is helping people to tap into the essence of who they truly are. I have so many people come to this class not knowing what they want to do with their lives or, if they do know, they don’t know how to make it happen. Most everyone who comes to this class leaves knowing what their compelling vision is and how to put it into action. I’ll help you to figure out what that calling inside of you is and how to actually take the steps to achieve what it is that you desire. We will work together on these steps and you will actually see them in action and witness people’s life changing moments during the class. Most people leave class with a new profound sense of what they want to create and solid knowledge of how to make it happen.

Sounds like a lot for a raw food class doesn’t it? But like I always say, “it’s all about the food and it’s not about the food.”

For me, it’s all about raising your vibration in every way possible to create the most authentic, magical life possible.

I hope to see you in one of my Raw Food Trainings.



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