Sex as Medicine

January 14th 2018

Break through your fears and old beliefs, and open to love!

Getting in touch with your sensuality and sexuality can be the quickest way to shed pounds, heal your body, create financial abundance, look younger and feel better!

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Class will start with a high vibrational elixir to get your cells humming and your brain turned on! Followed by medicinal, raw, vegan, aphrodisiac chocolates to activate the serotonin and get the energy flowing. (You’ll also learn what other foods, herbs and elixirs enhance sex!)

When you learn how to channel your sexuality, it will awaken healing, rejuvenation and creativity as well as help to connect you to your divine feminine and elevate every area of your life.

Learn how to clear your sexual blocks.

Explore tools and techniques that can help release your wild feminine!

Discover how to tap into your feminine nature and attract everything that you desire by opening up your sexual energy.

This will will help open you up to your own sensuality, pleasure and feminine power.

The easiest way to create physical health, abundance in every area of your life, and achieve massive success is to activate ecstasy and bliss in every cell of our bodies. To awaken the healing power of enthusiasm, excitement, love and joy!

You will also be able to shop the Little Pink House Apothecary for feel good products (many of which we will talk about and demonstrate in class) to help you extend your learning and pleasure beyond this class!
(10% off all products when you come to this class!)

Live your most juicy life! 

Date: January 14th 2018

Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Cost: $80.00

Space is limited to 10 women.