Tiger Nut Milk

Jun 01

Tiger nuts are actually tubers, like potatoes and sweet potatoes. They are not part of the nut family so they are safe for people with any sort of nut allergies.

I use tiger nuts to make a milk that is really sweet without having to add any other sweetener. I think this is my favorite thing about them. Normally when making nut and seed milk, I add a date or another form of sweetener, otherwise it’s bland and not very tasty. Not so with these sweet little nuggets!

You can eat tiger nuts as is, but they are a little difficult to chew because tiger nuts are dried in the sun which concentrates all the fiber and turns the outside of them into a semi hard fiber shell. So you can minimize this by rehydrating them before eating or, as I have found, making a nut milk.

Tiger nuts are loaded with antioxidants and can help greatly with inflammation. They provide a great source of fiber, have antibacterial properties, work as a prebiotic, help to control diabetes, lower bad cholesterol and improving your sex life by helping your hormones!

I make this the same way I make most of my nut milks. Depending on how think or thick you like your nut milks, you can adjust the ratio of water and tiger nuts.


3 cups of tiger nuts

1 cup of water


Blend well in a vitamix or a heavy duty blender.

After blending, pour this mixture into a nut milk bag and ring dry until all of the milk is out and the shell residue is still in the bag. You can then transfer the milk back into the blender and add vanilla and other flavorings of your choice. I find I don’t even need to add anything to this milk as its delicious as is.

I don’t always strain my nut milks but you will want to strain this milk so you don’t have the residue of those hard fibrous shells.



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