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Candy Cotton
Membership and Community

My private membership group is a monthly membership/VIP community to support you in living an authentic, soul-filled, elevated, high-vibe life.

With a $10.00 a month donation you can be part of my inner circle!

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Receive immediate access to daily LIVE interactive videos with me:
  • Powerful activations and light codes to connect you to your highest wisdom and authentic self

  • Soul based talks and motivational musings

  • Holistic medicine making

  • Plant based food prep

  • Spiritual tools

  • My latest teachings and so much more! 

Also Included:

Monthly Q&A's

Access to my mini ebooks and DVDs

Discounts on products, classes, private sessions and events

Candy Cotton

Please select a payment of $10.00 or more and make sure you click the recurring payment option.

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Monthly  Subscription


What people are saying about the community: 


  • Thank you very much for your kindness generosity, and authenticity. Much more than I ever expected. Xoxo Deborah U.

  • THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS - was SO AFFORDABLE for me ,- and perfect for the situation we are all in right now! Katarina R.

  • First of all, I LOVE what u are sharing 💖 I appreciate your authenticity, transparency and your courage to share such intimate topics (tantra and sex) and spiritual topics (light language and crystals). I LOVE it all!💖🙌🏽 Charyse W.

  • Thank you for doing all this for the group.  Honesty,  I’ve never seen anyone be this active and attentive in a FB group.  I’m so happy I joined.  So much fun! The information is easy to absorb and learn in bite sizes.  At least for me it is.  The information is all there to refer to when I need it. Appreciate your generosity and all that you offer! Love you. Joyce L.

  • Alissa I just wanted to say THANK-YOU for giving so much value to us on the private page . For FREE !! Your generosity is appreciated Eileen 


  • Thank you for all that you do for our tribe :). This is way more than what I ever expected, and I appreciate how real you are with all of us. I'm enjoying meeting other like-minded people - what a great community you've brought together! Leslie H.

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