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Are you having fun?

Amazing to have this gorgeous beach all to myself. But as I was swimming and lying in the sun - probably one of the last days of this year that I’ll be doing this here in MA. - I was thinking, where is everyone!? When I told a friend later in the day that I had the whole beach to myself and I couldn't understand why no one was there with me, her reply was "well people work".

Ok, I work as well, probably harder than most people I know as I work for myself and have multiple businesses. Here's the thing. I work so that I can enjoy my life and I work doing my creative expression and what I love. I never got the whole "I hate what I do for work but I’m going to do it anyway even though it takes up a big part of my life. This isn't a new thing with me. I figured this out in my teens. It just never made sense to me that people spend their lives doing what they don't want to do! So, I made stuff and sold it, I created a business called Holistic Fitness where I would train people and help them eat well, then I opened a health food store when I was 22 that is still there today 33 years later! Then I did healing work, made herbal remedies, opened restaurants, wrote books, opened an apothecary, an art gallery and on and on. My friend during this conversation earlier said " well that’s you, your special and unique".

The thing is, I am NOT! It's true that each of us is exceptional, but I'm not some sort of enchanted, one-of-a-kind being. I just figured it out. I didn’t want to be a slave to anyone else, I wanted my life to be my own. I wanted to stand in my power every day and live life on my terms. I wanted to have fun and be in the flow and do whatever I wanted to do because this life we are living right now is a gift, and it’s fleeting and it goes by in the blink of an eye.

I've lived through a lot. A biggie was when Dennis, my soul mate, died 11 years ago. Life sucks sometimes, but when you realize it's all an illusion and none of it matters, and that no one gives a shit about what you do except you, and that you are the only one holding yourself back, and when bad things happen, you realize even more that you need to step up and step into the truth of you who are do what you were meant to do. What a waste it would be if you never lived out your true potential and shared it with the world so that others could learn from your experiences and grow into better versions of themselves. How much of an impact do you think you could have on those closest to you if you decided to live authentically? If more people felt empowered to follow suit, the world "would be a better place," as the song goes.

Give me a call if you're ready to uncover your true self, take control of your life's path, and push past any limitations that have been holding you back.

If you're prepared, I can lend a hand. This is exactly what “I” was born to do, and I would be thrilled to be of assistance. oxxo


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