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How to stay high vibe!

On the very last day of my weekend trainings, no matter the event or topic, people would always ask me: “How do I stay in this bliss?! I don’t want to go back out there into the real world. My family, friends, etc… won’t understand this feeling!” Any weekend retreat, seminar or holiday could show you; it is all about being in the bliss:

You wake up in it, are surrounded by it, flow in and out of it! It feels like a bright sunshining day, no matter what you end up doing! Enjoy lively conversations with food & abundance overflowing! Connect with friends, family or strangers with tears streaming down your faces… celebrating life with dances, talks & songs! It is all about the bliss.

The answer I would give them, is that: this is the work! This is the trick, staying WITHIN this Higher Vibration that we created. It is in you! It exists in your heart and soul. So that is what we take out into the world with us, this knowledge that THIS IS THE WORK.

In 2021, we don’t have too many retreats right now, but we are ALL being asked to Vibe Higher, ascend into 5D, enter into the New Earth, whatever you may call it. Now on a grander scale: This is the work! Stay HIGH VIBE!

What do I do when my loved one doesn’t get it?! Love them. Stay High Vibe!

But what about the government?! They are trying to [insert daily event here]?! LOVE THEM. This has always been happening. Do whatever you need to do to feel SAFE. Then: accept what is happening & let it go. Live your best life: inspire others to do the same! Speak your truth when the moment comes. Set clear and ever-present boundaries. Do the shadow work each and every time an old trauma presents itself. Keep showing up, keep loving yourself & having FUN in the present moment. Whatever that looks like to you today!

Great Mantras for this time: I am worthy! I am enough! I am safe! I am loved! I am sovereign!

As we look at this current time nonjudgmentally, what can we do to change ourselves that will better the world, that will inspire our community to do the same? Let us look at some key areas of life and what are some journal prompts as you look to make changes (we’re in a retrograde don’t forget! So, look before you leap (sign on the dotted line, purchase or sell big, break it off or tie the knot. Wait until the 21st or be extra grounded as you decide).

EATING: Am I feeling high vibe with what I’m eating right now? Am I eating in ways that feel good for my body & soul alike? It’s not about being raw, vegan, vegetarian, keto, its about matching up with YOUR vibe in the moment of consumption. This could mean that your diet is changing daily! That’s OK! Stop labeling it or eating what you think you are “SUPPOSED” to be eating. Start asking yourself what feels right in that moment and start checking in intuitively.

WORK: Does my current work environment align with my value system? Does my daily life (even if the job is a regular job & not a spiritually based one) make me feel like I am living a lie? Do I feel safe and supported at work? Can I express myself and my opinions in a place that feels welcoming? Am I happy doing this work? Do I have fun doing it?

LIVING: Does my environment feel right to me? Am I living in the area of the world I WANT to be living? Do I feel called to investigate other places of the world to relocate? (Again, we are in retrograde! So, look and look again.) Am I living in or around the community of people I want to spend time with? Does my environment reflect the reality that I want to create?

RELATIONSHIPS: Do I feel safe to express myself & set boundaries with my current circle? Things have changed quickly! So, breakups are going to be common, friendships will be starting and ending quickly. This is normal, this is okay. Setting boundaries and creating your peaceful palace will inspire even the ones you have ended friendships with to do the same. You are being called to live the life you LOVE! How incredible is this gift!

HABITS: Do I feel good about what I am doing every day? Do I feel good about waking up the way I do? My meditative practice? My eating practices? How do I connect with others? Am I living my truth? How can I bring more JOY & FUN into my life? How can I give back to my community? How can I inspire others to do the same? How do my days wind down? Do I like the content I am taking in?

Time is turning upside down daily! So, finding ways to feel a balance, that calm, that ever present vibration that feels like YOU, should be a big focus during this time. It is possible to stay there and view troubles as they come FROM that space. FROM that higher vibration.

High Vibe will look different for EVERYONE! As I mentioned in my Blog What is Ascension, this has NEVER been done before! So, it is so okay to feel like you are not doing it right.

There is no rule book for this, so take some pressure off & LOVE the present moment!

Be in the flow and allow yourself to be guided by tapping into YOUR true feelings. See if you can let go of the “shoulds” from others, the labels and the old ways in which you have always operated. Connect to the NEW ideas, feelings, thoughts and inspirations that are being downloaded and open up to the idea that we can CHOOSE to live in the higher space of love, fun, joy, abundance and bliss. It’s your choice…are you going to choose it?! I hope you do…It’s a wild adventure once you start seeing beyond the veil…


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