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I'm Moving to Sedona!

I wanted to let you all know that Im moving to Sedona, Arizona for 6 months! There are many reasons besides it being home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, including red rocks canyons, pine forests, rushing rivers, outdoor activities, art and a laid-back attitude.

Obviously, the primary reason is spiritually for me. Sedona is known as a "spiritual vortex" due to its high concentration of metaphysical energy. This makes it the perfect place for me to deepen my spiritual practice and connect with the divine.

It has long been thought of as a power spot, drawing people to it since ancient times. The native American tribes have worshipped at the largest vortex for generations, and settlers would travel to sleep in its healing energy.

When I went to Sedona 2 months ago to visit one of my best friends, I knew I would feel at home with the culture and people but feeling the astonishing amount of energy that came through for me there was something I didn't fully expect.

The veil in Sedona is very thin, and you can feel it as soon as you arrive. Some visit Sedona to meditate and connect on a spiritual level, others seek the vortexes for physical or emotional healing. Whatever the reason, Sedona has an energy you cant ignore.

Although I felt the land literally calling me back, It took only 3 days after returning home from that trip for me to rent my home and find one there...for the exact same exchange! It happened magically without even trying, just by being open to the possibilities. Thats when you know its the right path!

My goal is to push my own boundaries in different ways than I normally would. My healing groups and individual sessions are already pushing the boundaries and opening up massive transformations for my clients and Im always working on myself for deeper levels of awareness so that I can shift, transform and help others to do the same so that they can create their best lives possible.

My "stuff" is already coming up with this move. letting go of the security of my home and friends and embracing the unknown is something that I used to do OFTEN! However, in the last 10 years, I have been very comfy in the environment I've created. Not that this is a bad thing, to be comfortable and secure, but sometimes we get "stuck" and a little too complacent in our life and we need to get out of our comfort zone to grow.

After massive upheaval 10 years ago, with Dennis dying, selling my two restaurants, letting go of income properties and a host of other life changing events, I've settled into a peaceful life that has much less stress and was very much needed. However, with that comes a complacency that can hinder shifting, moving forward and creating new realities.

As we move into higher levels of awareness, we need to make sure we are fighting against our own limiting beliefs because we can get comfortable and attached to the ones we have. Our minds will want to fight against what is not familiar to us and stay in the status quo because it is "comfortable" even though it isn't necessarily healthy or serving our highest good.

Sedona will be my teacher; experiencing her energy will shift a lot for me, I'm already feeling it... I am continually searching and seeking for more depth and peeling back the layers even while Im in my cozy little seaside home, but I am acutely aware that Sedona will offer me a whole different level of growth and transformation.

I am already hearing my higher self, guides and the divine telling me that this may not always be an enjoyable, easy journey for me over the next 6 months but I am committed to the growth of my spirit and because I know that this is what I came here to do in this lifetime, for myself and others.

Im ready to go!

So, if you want to stay in touch with me, I'll be sending out a monthly newsletter letting you know whats going on with my journey (I know, I'm really not good about sending these newsletters out!) You can sign up for those here on my site, and posting on my instagram, facebook and all my other social media so you can connect with me energetically from Sedona!

I'll also be continuing my Tuesday Night Virtual Group Healings (which is my favorite thing right now!) as well as doing new light language healings over my YouTube so make sure you subscribe to that! I still have single private sessions available as well but my monthly private intensive sessions are booked till March. If you are interested in those please send me an email or call and we can chat more about what you need!


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Unknown member
Dec 14, 2021

will you be doing your raw foods cooking classes in Sedona? I've always wanted to come to one but you were to far. Sedona, I can do. I'm in California and have always wanted to visit Sedona. Send me the schedule of what you will be doing please.

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