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Kambaba Jasper

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

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This gorgeous crystal is a kambaba Jasper which is also called crocodile rock. It's a type of green jasper that is found in only one place in the world, near the village of Tulear in Madagascar. The name kambaba comes from the local tribal language and means "green earth."

I worked with this crystal in this past Tuesday nights virtual healing and cleansed it in the powerful full moon energy last night. This crystal is very supportive of new beginnings, fresh starts, and bringing your dreams into reality.

Kambaba Jasper is a stone that is associated with the heart chakra. It is helpful in opening up the heart chakra and promoting love and compassion.

Kambaba helps attract abundance and prosperity. It is helpful in manifestation work and can assist you in attracting your heart's desires.

This crystal is also good for the immune system and can help to detoxify the body. It can be helpful in treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Kambaba Jasper is a very calming and soothing stone. It can help to ease anxiety and stress and is helpful for those who suffer from insomnia. It is also believed to be helpful in overcoming depression.

Kambaba Jasper is a stone that is associated with the Earth element. Therefore it is helpful in grounding and centering. It brings a sense of stability and security.

Kambaba Jasper is a very powerful crystal and should be used with care.

It is important to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly and to work with them in a positive and respectful way.

If you are looking for a powerful and supportive crystal, consider kambaba Jasper!

Know the source of where you purchase your crystals to make sure they are ethically sourced and not man-made. I work with my crystals for weeks and even months, clearing, charging and programming each one to install the highest vibe and energy!

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