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Keto Diet vs. Raw Food vs. Intermittent Fasting...

If you are thinking about starting a new diet plan and looking to lose weight you have probably been researching many of the popular diets that are at the forefront of the weight loss movement at the moment. The ketogenic diet (Keto diet), Intermittent Fasting, the Mediterranean diet, the Raw Food diet, Paleo, Veganism, Dash, Weight Watchers and a plethora of other trendy diets. There is certainly a lot to choose from. Many of these diets work, to a certain degree and for a certain amount of time.

There’s a reason you’re overweight, but it’s not necessarily the food that you’re eating.

Of course, sometimes the reason you gain a few pounds IS just about the food. You go on vacation and you gain an extra 5 pounds, you stop working out and the weight starts creeping up on you, etc. However, I truly believe that if this is something you’ve been struggling with for a while, if you’re binge eating, if you feel like you just cannot lose weight no matter what and how hard you try, It’s about what you’re NOT doing in other areas of your life.

There’s one thing that remains constant with every diet, regardless of what it is, regardless of how much knowledge we have about the correct way to eat… People stray from what they know is best for them. People fall off their diets, they begin to crave unhealthy foods that they know will make them feel bad. They go back to their old ways or begin the rollercoaster ride of finding new diets that will promise that miracle weight loss and health that they are searching for.

I think what we are all searching for is what truly fills us up and food is not it.

Food has nothing to do with it. It’s about filling up emotionally, mentally and spiritually and if you don’t have that, your life is going to be a constant roller coaster of diets and fads and feeling good and feeling bad. We need to find what nourishes us, what excites us, what we desire, what makes us happy, what brings us peace and what raises our vibration and brings about a state of ecstasy so that we are so “filled” with the lightness of our being that healthy, nutritious, high vibe food is the only things that we would even think about putting into our body because we feel so blissful and content that we choose food that reflects that and will only add to that experience.

This is what my Raw Food Teacher Trainings are about. As I always say “its all about the food and its not at all about the food.”

I’ve spent my life teaching people how to eat healthy, what nourishment and true health really means and showing people the right foods to eat for weight loss and disease prevention. I’ve had huge success with people who have lost hundreds of pounds, healed themselves of all kinds of diseases, feel better and look younger and healthier.

I’d love to help you on this journey of feeling joyfully filled up in every way.



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