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Stepping into the Unknown

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Yesterday morning's walk in fairy land before my soul sister left was magical, insightful and needed. She came up the day after the rock star passed over a week ago. I knew he was waiting for her. We traveled from Sedona to Fl and then back to MA this past June together and she was his buddy in the back seat the whole ride. I knew he was waiting for her to come get me for the next adventure, or at least to plan it. He came to her in a dream and gave her the dates.

The veils are so thin right now, with people checking out and new life coming in. The only constant is the unknown. Connection to source is paramount in navigating the constant flow and shifts. Seeking what is beyond the physical is what can actually keep you still and grounded in a world full of constant motion and change. Trying to hold on to the Now and the things or people in it, is futile, as those will surely slip away. Having a connection to the Divine, in whatever way that means for you, is how to stay centered and peaceful and where to make decisions and move from.

I woke up this morning with Jethro Tull playing over and over again in my head. “...and the love that I feel, is so far away.” I saw Rocco standing there, Dennis and Salvie in the background. With great love comes great loss. I played the song a few times on my computer and felt the expansion of what is and what is yet to come. A huge open space into the unknown.

When major life change is afoot, I tend to wake up with song lyrics playing in a loop. Like when I had the concussion and woke up with Stairway to Heaven playing in my head over and over. I took the messages and changed my direction. Now is another moment of massive shifts. Am I ready? I have a choice, but not really, if what I want is to truly continue to seek who I am in this every changing game at any given time. So, I'm walking forward, literally stepping and moving into thin air, trying not to think too much and following the messages, the whispers and the intuition that is guiding me. It's always worked before, every time I shift. Will it work this time? I don’t know. But I trust. Stepping through the fear and allowing everything to be broken down and rebuilt in a different way, reinventing myself and trusting the process is something I have touched a handful of time with this intensity, but it's still scary and intense and mind blowing and magical and something I would never change about how I created to move through this lifetime. What a ride. I think I’ll do it big again this round. Why not, right? It is truly all a beautiful illusion so why not do it up and make it the biggest party ever. I hope you come along for the you are all certainly part of my reality creation if you are reading this. Let’s play... Are you on board? I’ll let you know the game as soon as I figure it out ;)

A close friend just called as I was writing this and told me she is pregnant...ahhh, and so it begins again, this thing we call life.


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