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The Imaginary Hole

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Whats your imaginary hole? When I was walking this morning I saw this tree and my eyes focused on the hole inside of the tree. I started thinking about the spiral thinking that I’ve been getting caught in lately. About that imaginary hole that we let ourselves go down so many times. I started thinking about the times when I spiral out of control and I focus on that one thing, the fear, the insecurity, the doubt etc.

It was a beautiful day and everything around me was shimmering and sparkling, the ocean, the sky, majestic trees were all around me, flowers popping up for spring...but I was so fixated on that hole, imagining where that could lead.

What’s your imaginary hole today? Switch the focus. Choose something different today. Expand your vision. See the unlimited possibility all around you. Everything around us is flowing, expanding, and growing in perfect harmony with the universe, in all of its divine success and abundance...are you?


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