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What is Ascension?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Happy January! So much changed, so much shifted: our entire WORLD flipped upside down in ONE year. If any of you are like me, you want to really put a sense of urgency into this new year and start it off right.

Aside from the massive shifts in our everyday lives, have any of you been feeling a bit off?

- Has your head felt “open” in a way that feels new and different?

- Have you been absolutely exhausted? No matter how much rest you get, it just does not seem to be enough?

- Headaches or massive pressure in your head/shooting pains?

- Ringing in your ears?

- Pain in your body that is not normally there?

- Do you have an insatiable appetite for WATER?

- Does food feel odd and plastic one moment and fun & vibrant the next?

- Have you been seeing “glitches” in the Matrix? Things you CANNOT explain?

- Have past memories/lifetimes come up at random times during the day?

- Are dreams WILD and “real”?!

- Do you feel like you are being squeezed through a buttonhole you just do not fit through?

WELCOME to ASCENSION! As human beings we are elevating from a 3rd Dimension Consciousness to a 5th Dimension Consciousness.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! I will cover all these terms but first: Congratulations! You are one of the FIRST to arrive! This is new for all of us so please take a moment to be proud of yourself for the awareness that something new is going on.

Truly, as a human race, what is happening has NEVER happened before.

That fact, in and of itself is a wild & magical gift. Remember to be kind to yourself as you navigate this new world, this new awareness, this new understanding.

Pretend for a moment you are out for a hike in the woods when a fog starts to roll over you; it came in wild & unexpected! It was a bit frightening to see, yes. But we know we must eventually leave the woods. You are not about to build a house in there just because you can’t see in front of you, you’ve got to keep walking! In that moment, we would trust our feet, the path in front of us & our internal compass to guide us. We are safe inside of ourselves and KNOW we come out alive. That keeps us calm & centered.

We must look at this ascension process in the same light: even if we cannot see the end result of where we are elevating to, we KNOW we cannot stop in the middle of the process. We KNOW we are safe; & we TRUST our Higher Power to guide us.

Let us define some of these new terms as we navigate this unknown space, to help ground us in an understanding of safety.

Ascension: noun

- The act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

3rd Dimension/3D:

- The world we see here & now.

- What we use our FIVE senses to make sense of (I can see something, I can touch something, I can smell it, I can taste it, I can hear it, I KNOW it to be true.)

5th Dimension/5D/Christ Consciousness:

- Picture Buddha under the Bodhi Tree.

- An enlightened, unconditional love space.

- The ability to manifest your true desires at the speed of light

- Present, centered, aware, healthy & abundant. Everyone! In this pure, magical state.

Sometimes it seems too good to be true, or outside of our reach as human beings. But this is real & happening, no matter how we view it. Since so much of this 5D space is unknown to us, or we might only be able to be in this state for moments at a time, let us break down what we DO know moving forward:

- With pure presence of the moment, we release all attachments to the past/the story/possessions/anything outside of ourselves. We are centered, grounded & aware.

- We elude unconditional love; how we think, what we say, what we eat, how we act, what we do, are all based in love. There is no such thing as lack. We are ALL worthy & abundant.

- No matter what may happen: we are sovereign & take a moment of pause between action & reaction. Is this reaction WHO I truly am? We trust ourselves & our inner knowing to guide us.

We begin to see even the bodies we inhabit and the thoughts we think as something to observe. As we would the waves of the ocean, a blossoming flower, the rising and setting sun. We step back, even further than before, into the space beyond time and space. Life becomes a miracle in & of itself.

As the collective consciousness begins to wake up, we must try to find as much of a solid foundation for ourselves, as well as the tools we need to guide our respective communities into this new dimension. The world is changing so quickly, and our community of awakened folks is growing rapidly. My hope here is that I have given you the foundation to feel safe while holding space for yourself & others during this rapidly changing time of our lives.

Like I always say: The Goddess always says YES.

- When you are ready for growth, it comes.

- When you are ready for healing, it comes.

- When you are ready for unconditional love, it comes!

It looks as though the whole world is ready and I for one am grateful and excited to see how quickly we can all wake up to this new, unconditional love space! There is more than enough love for us all, let us welcome anyone & everyone as they wake up! AND…If you are feeling like you want to explore this more, you may want to consider:



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