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Your Soul Family

Finding your soul family is a very personal journey and process. It can feel like you are either claiming what you already know or allowing yourself the chance to explore something deeper within you. People in your soul family can offer guidance, support and love (and oftentimes upheaval) for your own growth and evolution.

Soul family does not mean blood related (although it can). It is a choice that has been made at a soul level and therefore a decision aligning people once we enter this physical reality. Soul family is created because souls recognize themselves within other souls and from past and future lives and so an energetic connection forms between them. Thus, people become family through the energy they create together rather than just through blood relations.

Spirit looks for ways to bring people together so that they may learn and grow through each other. It is also not always meant to be a long relationship, sometimes people just come in for short periods of time, in this present reality.

So, soul family to me can be #1) Those who are on the same journey as you so that you can progress together. They will push you, encourage you and empower you to live out your dreams! And #2) those people who come into our lives who frustrate, anger and push us through our own process of going deep within ourselves to heal, understand and learn.

This isn't always an easy or comfortable process either way because soul family is here to move us through our own obstructions - the ones we have built over time which have separated us from our true selves and our true power. Our soul family comes to show us what we need to heal within ourselves through each interaction, relationship and experience. We move through these experiences with them until it becomes clear that they are no longer needed in the same way - or that perhaps their purpose for being has been fulfilled.

A recent example of this is someone that became a close friend these past 2 years. The relationship, however, was based on an old pattern that I was continuing to replay: rescue. She was there for me in certain ways, but I knew and got frustrated with the amount of energy and attention I was putting into the connection. I was frequently listening to her stories, processing her issues, and helping her financially. It wasn't until I moved to Sedona and got away from that energy that I realized how out of balance our connection was, and how "in my old patterns" I'd been. Once I was away from the situation, a lot of anger and bitterness arose. She was an excellent teacher. She showed up in my reality so that I could recognize and release the anger over prior events in my life . Once I realized I was creating this old pattern again, once I "got it", the relationship started to disappear and it was easy to end it and work on the internal stuff, the real stuff. The reason she came into my life, was so that i could truly heal it. Both of us were able to move on in our own direction - a direction which was much more closely aligned to where we both need to be.

There are many reasons why we connect with others, but when there is a strong connection, it's possible that someone is returning back into your life to aid you in breaking free from past life patterns or continuing to teach you the process of what you came here to do now, in this lifetime.

Our souls have agreed to come together in order to do some work on ourselves before moving on or ascending further. So, if the people you are meeting in your life who are coming into your life right now aren't here for any easy lessons, well then maybe they're here for some deep work. Maybe you will begin building energy with them in ways that feel hard but lead towards something greater in the long term...not necessarily your relationship together or even in future lives, but perhaps their presence is a sign that a long awaited shift has begun within you.

If someone from your past comes back into your life but the relationship feels different, it could be because you are both at a different stage in your journeys and through meeting them again, you are able to recognize where you've been and what you still need to heal, so that they can help you by showing up as an energetic mirror of your own energy. And perhaps then - together - over time, through continued contact or not, both of you will continue forward on your respective paths until another soul is available who can support the level of healing/truth/acceptance/balance that might be required for a more conscious connection between all people involved.

People often ask me how to find their soul family.

Finding your soul family begins from within. Once you begin to take the time for yourself, to explore what it is that you truly want and need out of life then suddenly your soul speaks up about these things through other people in your life. This could be a person at work who randomly starts talking to you about spirituality or quantum physics, this could be someone on an airplane sitting next to you or it can even be when you are just doing something mundane like grocery shopping. Opportunities will come into your life when you start exploring what YOU want and don't want in your world and suddenly all different kinds of people will be put into your life that simply weren't in your awareness before this moment. This person could be someone you recently met or knew your whole life - it doesn't matter. Thats why I think it's so important to be open to many different types of people and personalities. They are all here to show us different things and different parts of ourselves.

Souls might be recognized through past life regression, meditation, and internal work. These events are incredible, but soul recognition often occurs as a result of ordinary day-to-day living. Learning who you are on a deep level and having the confidence to be in your power and in your truth when you interact with others allows your real soul family to identify you.

People are often surprised when I say that soul family doesn't always have to be humans. Some of my soul family are extraterrestrial beings, light beings whose energy is so different from the dense form of humanity and animals. They come in because there has been in the past, or there is now, a connection to them and because I am open to all frequencies and possibilities.

Living our truth frees us from the connections that no longer serve us. Once we break free from these ties, our soul family comes to show us there are so many possibilities out there, and the more time we spend in alignment with who we truly are, the greater our possibilities become.


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Unknown member
Feb 22, 2022

Thankyou for your "soul family' reflections and insight. Each person that crosses our path can impact the choices we have to embrace the change as an opportunity for growth. And the reflections shine where we are and where we can still choose to be. Peace to you in all your transitions during 2022. Your life shares inspired my own foodie path.

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