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Alissa has spent over 35 years connecting people to their deepest level of truth; elevating their body, mind, soul and consciousness in order to heal their heart, awaken their senses and truly taste the ecstasy that their life experience has to offer.

An internationally recognized author, speaker, educator, artist and healer, Alissa has pioneered the raw food industry and reached certification and mastery in a myriad of healing arts such as polarity therapy, cranio-sacral and regression therapy, relationship and tantric coaching, energy and shamanistic healing. She is an herbalist, nutritionist, homeopath, fitness trainer, yoga therapist, transformational breath facilitator and intuitive guide.

Alissa first gained an international reputation for her books and courses, distributed through the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, South Korea and many other parts of the world.


Covering every aspect of vibrant living, her books and programs catapulted her into the international limelight, landing her an appearance on the Today show, The Tyra Banks show, an “Ask Alissa” column and a worldwide following that looks to her for healthy living advice and self-development.

After opening two restaurants where she wrote her second book, she launched an art gallery, Light Being Studio, for her paintings and sculptures which saw widespread popularity.


With her extraordinarily extensive background in the healing arts and her powerful intuitive gifts, Alissa connects with the hearts and minds of her students while teaching them the secret to elevating every area of their lives.

Alissa is a mystical spiritual practitioner with a real-world pragmatism honed by decades of experience igniting people’s spirits by profoundly changing their bodies, minds and lives for their greatest good.

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