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An up-close and personal session with Alissa Cohen!




Watch and listen as Alissa prepares over 20 delicious, mouthwatering recipes. You will be sitting in on a food preparation class and in-depth discussion of the raw and living food diet along with two of Alissa's clients.

"Witnessing this live, one on one, 3½ hour presentation of the raw and living food diet (recipe prep, client interaction, questions and answers, etc. is invaluable, not only for learning how to prepare raw and living food but also in catching the excitement and enthusiasm of how miraculous, life changing and fun this way of eating can be! Don't miss the finale which captures the amazing weight loss transformations of Nancy and Sharon after their 30 day challenge to stay 100% raw! Alissa, all I can say is...WOW!!! The 2 recipes you sent me were great! Great tasting and very easy to make. My girlfriend couldn't believe the torte was raw! Thanks.

If all your recipes are this easy to make, going raw should be illegal!

- Chris Bellinger

The recipes on these DVDs are in printed form in the Living on Live Food book. There are 2 DVD's in this set. 3 1/2 hours in total.

Living on Live Food DVD

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