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The True You Program
A Radical 4 Day Immersion Into Total Self-Transformation!
Sedona, AZ - Deerfield Beach, FL - Gloucester, MA
These retreats will be tailored specifically to your individual needs for a life changing 4 days.

Please contact me for group rates

Learn how to connect deeply to your true self. That inner, wild, sacred part of you that holds so much power and energy.

Spend 4 intimate days with me learning the tools and techniques for tapping into your personal power and elevating your life on every level!


These retreats will be customized specifically for you.

Whether it be:

Physical - 

 Eating the highest vibrational food and finding what your body needs for optimal health and wellness. Harnessing the power of the forest and the oceans. Exploring plant medicine for insight and healing.

Emotional - 

 Learn powerful tools for releasing deeply rooted programming, processing and transforming emotional blocks and wounds, and removing old pain and trauma.

 Spiritual Healing -

Discover how to get in touch with your true self and your divine purpose. Manifest your dreams and create abundance and prosperity in every area of your life.

It's typically a mix of all of these, but we will have a quick Zoom meeting ahead of time so that I can customize this retreat to your specific needs and desires.

Evenings consist of energy healings, raw chocolate and Kava Kava ceremonies and more...

Move beyond what is normally considered healthy and experience ecstatic states of miraculous vitality!

  The easiest way to create physical health is to activate ecstasy and bliss in every cell of our bodies.

To awaken the healing power of enthusiasm, excitement, love and joy!

The cost for these personalized retreats are 3500.00 for the four day immersion. Please call or email for more information.

Discounted rates are available if you would like to come with 2 or more people.

Date:  I have random dates available throughout the year. 

Cost: $3500.00

(Lodging is not included as there are numerous accommodations in the area from luxurious hotels to inexpensive Airb&b's. All meals and everything else you will need for the 4 days are included)

This retreat will help you:

  • Unleash your magnificence, radiance, and experience true healing, rejuvenation, weight loss, renewed energy, and clarity!

  • Move beyond your limiting beliefs

  • Manifest and create what it is that you truly desire in every area of your life.

  • Use your unique talents to be successful in every area

  • Connect to that wave of abundance that surrounds you

  • Get in touch with your essence

  • Open to love

  • Set yourself free

  • Find your true calling and access your soul's purpose.

  • Discover your authentic self

We will custom build this to your needs. A sample mid week or weekday retreat may be built around this structure:

We begin at 3:00pm on Thursday

Friday and Saturday 9am -9pm

and will end at 3 pm Sunday 

Please call for more information and to register or use the sign up button above
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