The True You Program
A Radical 4 Day Immersion Into Total Self-Transformation!
November 6th -9th 2020
 Gloucester, MA

Space is limited - 8 people maximum per group


The cost of these personalized retreats are 2800.00 for the three day immersion. Please call or email for more information.

Learn how to connect deeply to your true self. That inner, wild, sacred part of you that holds so much power and energy.

Spend 3 intimate days with me, in my home, learning:

how to eat the highest vibrational food, forest bathing, reality creation, herbal remedies, breathwork, and how to tap into your personal power and elevate your life on every level! 

Evenings consist of light language and energy healings, decadent live desserts, raw chocolate rituals, Kava Kava ceremonies and more!

This retreat will help you:

  • Unleash your magnificence and radiance, and experience true healing, rejuvenation, weight loss, renewed energy, and clarity!

  • Move beyond your limiting beliefs

  • Manifest and create what it is that you truly desire in every area of your life.

  • Use your unique talents to be successful in every area

  • Connect to that wave of abundance that surrounds you

  • Get in touch with your essence

  • Open to love

  • Set yourself free

  • Find your true calling and access your soul's purpose.

  • Discover your authentic self

Move beyond what is normally considered healthy and experience ecstatic states of miraculous vitality!

  The easiest way to create physical health is to activate ecstasy and bliss in every cell of our bodies.

To awaken the healing power of enthusiasm, excitement, love and joy!

Date: November 6th - 9th 2020

Cost: $2800 raw, vegan, plant-based meals and snacks included

(Lodging and transportation is not included)

Please call the office for more information and to register or use the sign up button below

Space is limited - 8 people maximum per group

We begin at 3:00pm on Thusday

Friday and Saturday 9am -10pm

and Sunday 9am - 1pm