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What people are saying about the Tuesday Night Virtual Healings

Joanne Steenberg -Montessori Teacher and creator of The Love Card, a global pay-it-forward movement.
Katrina Bos - Tantra Teacher, author, yogi, philosopher, mathematician, and mystic.
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Tears are streaming down my face right now...It was so amazing tonight. Full body tingles and I could feel myself sinking into the earth. My heart felt lighter after the session tonight as well as my third eye felt activated. 

Thank you so much for tonight


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I am writing  you about the Tuesday night healing. 

I had been in pain  all week and very busy with my elderly mom. Tuesday night released that pain and I slept so soundly for a change. 

I don't know how to say this exactly but it seems I am also gaining more

confidence in my energetic self. I signed up for automatic payments every month.

Thank you so much for all you do.

Much love Alissa.


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JOANNE: Wow. Well... that was pretty amazing! About half way through I started having visions of being among the stars.  Kind of floating and out of my body. I had moments when there was deep purple light in my mind's eye. I didn't come into the healing with a question, but once the visions started coming in I felt myself asking...why do I seem to hold onto this extra 20lbs no matter what I do. I remember a good friend telling me that extra weight on the body is a way to put a layer of protection on ourselves.  I had these strange visions of like purple poop/playdough kind of material going through a small hole (reminds me of an old playdough tool the kids used to play with). 

The image kept coming up and it felt like a big cleanse was coming... but because it was purple the message was that it was a spiritual cleanse.   

I had two strong moments where I started to cry...and it was a release of some old toxic stuff.  I also had a moment where I felt like I was telling my dad it was OK to "go".  

Towards the end I had this vision that Carsten and I have similar wounds as young children. 

I also felt you had a needle and thread and were threading us all together.  It was the combined energy of all of us that was really powerful.  


Carsten was totally into it.  He has been dealing with some poison ivy the past few days and the itch has been pretty uncomfortable.  He said that everywhere he has the rash he felt a serious tingling and since the healing he has not felt itchy!  Which is amazing. 

He could feel your energy and this indescribable energy in his mind and body. He also felt that we both have a similar wound.  


After we signed off we sat on the couch and talked for an hour about the experience.  He reminisced about his dad and told stories I have never heard before.  About his sister and a school mate.  So, so, so interesting. 

It was so great!!!

We loved it Alissa. 



Joanne and Carsten

Strong session tonight, I immediately had tears flowing down my cheeks after you started. My hands were hot from the bones have been shifting.

I just felt joy and some messages that all is aligning for my higher good.

I slept ten hours straight after the healing. Such restorative sleep! 

Feeling great today! So clear and bright on the emotional and spiritual side.

Also...dropping ovarian cysts today, thank you!!

Feel a lot of gratitude for the work, thank you!


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I am excited Alissa! I feel like you are opening new doors for me.

Strange things happen to me during the sessions: GOOD and a little hard for me to wrap my head around. For the past few days I have been telling myself to drink more water. I feel dehydrated. Then today I was feeling blocked, distracted. OUT of the moment. Then you started to tell us what messages you were getting, and it seemed to be dead on for me. So close! It kind of shocked me. 

I feel like I found a path in the woods, and I'm taking my first steps. Its exciting. I’m lucky the universe put you in my path. 

My eyes are opening! These sessions really amaze me!


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Lack of words to describe the healing last night... I was awake till the end...  felt all the shifts especially the one u had us breath ... totally felt the release there ... Been big shifts sense last week... amazing energy continuously / daily . 

Eye appt this Thursday .. Been beautiful healing with that.. been an enlightening process.

Each healing helps it more and more. Grateful  to have the opportunity to work through it.. 

love and light.. Erin

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My hands are doing much better since I started doing the Tuesday night healings. Actually, everything overall is doing much better. My hands have been hurting really badly for three+ years. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through this year doing messages. I am working way more than usual and I’m using them constantly but I don’t have the pain all the way up my arms. Same thing with the hips, they aren’t going out like they used to. So it’s really helping me to improve and maintain my work.

So excited to continue these healings with you!



Hi Alissa, Great news...we had our health biometrics done at work today - my cholesterol has dropped from a total of 270 from three weeks ago, to (drum roll, please) 162!!!!  

My LDL went from 195 to 95.  

Leslie H

WOW!! Thank you for the relaxing light language last night. My gums are healing quickly and there is absolutely no pain. No Advil needed this time! Had a great sleep too.

xo Carolyn


I know you like feedback so I just wanted to share this...I mentioned in the chat that I felt cranio sacral movement...well, I have had a spasmed up neck muscle for about 3 weeks and it is WAYY better now.

Very enjoyable healing. Thanks!!

 xo Eileen

Hi Alissa . First I want to say thank you . You’re absolutely amazing. I went to the doctor today and was diagnosed  with postpartum depression . I didn’t even know that was a thing for women who haven’t carried to full term . So I was and have been down and just not myself but realized I never really knew the real me just by getting my feet wet with you through the private session I did with you. Anyway tonight going into the healing I was open but not too optimistic. But so many things happened tonight. I saw a lot of green just blobs no images so idk what that really means and I felt a hand (I can’t explain it ) on my chest for most of the healing.  I also experienced seeing myself fully clothed and then all my worries and stresses literally being pulled away with my clothes and left with just a nude body again it’s hard to explain but I felt a peace like a blank canvas I can start new . And then when you said if you have to cry yell or scream I felt you were directly talking to me and without thinking my body just started to hysterically cry and scream like I had no control . I also had the worst headache that subsided through the whole healing . I’m not questioning it . I feel a little lighter and have some hope .

Thank you for all you do you really are absolutely amazing so much love for you! Kim W

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